Saturday 26th Sept

Today was the day that the phrase, “You can do it” became “You did it!” I am still beaming from ear to ear as I sit here writing this. He rode his bike.

Waking up on a Saturday morning and the sun was shining. It was a very early rise, as Pup decided to grace us with his presence at 5:30am. For once, I had stayed up past my usual bed time and expected a lie in this morning. No such luck. Instead, we overheard Tink and Pup, arguing over Lego. Tink has obviously been listening to my parenting technique; if you repeat yourself enough it will eventually sink in.

What to do today?

We promised ourselves that we would get Tink riding his bike; or rather, I told the man-child he was to make more of an effort to teach him. As the weather had picked up again, we decided to go down the front.

Taking the bikes, my expectations were not high. As Hubby was concentrating on Tink, I was left with Pup. He just wanted to do what his big brother was doing. On his balance bike, he bolted after him, sometimes tripping Daddy up along the way.

Past experiences led me to believe that we would not be here long. Boy was I wrong. He blew all my expectations out the water.

It took some time; he certainly did not listen. Eventually though, he started to get it. I think he might have been strongly motivated by extra Minecraft time. Looking back at some of the video’s I took you can hear me yelling “You Did It!!!” This wasn’t be the first time I used this phrase and, it certainly won’t be the last. There are many moments in parenting where you are exhausted and frustrated. You just want to give up. Then there are moments like this that just make it all worthwhile.

You Did It!

Beach Fun

After spending time on the bikes, we went down the beach. Deciding to try and make the most of the sun, as it might be the last warm day for a while.

Rather than take a decent path down, the man-child leads the way down a grassy mound and onto some rocks. He never makes things easy for me. Now, we can normally predict that someone will fall, usually me, but this time it was Tink. The Hubby yelled 3 times, “Do not run” and what does he do? He runs. He then takes a tumble and falls onto the rocks below. Kids NEVER listen. We should know this by now. Thankfully, he picked himself up and kept going.

Down on the beach, we enjoyed the views, threw some stones and jumped over the wee streams that run across the beach, to the sea. Pup, as usual, jumped in feet first, soaking his jeans and everyone close by, laughing manically.

The boys had a great afternoon; we did too. Life is so busy that we do not always have the time to stop and enjoy our surroundings. This is one positive thing to come out of the Covocalypse. We have been able to take a breather, enjoy time together and make the most of where we stay. It is times like these that I truly appreciate what I have.

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