“What if” is a fairly common phrase in our house. I like to think it is Tink’s way of processing all the wee thoughts that are running through his mind. Sometimes I have answers, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes his “what ifs” take on a more serious note, and sometimes they are just downright ridiculous. This one fell somewhere in between….

Today, I caught Tink watching me. He then asked me, “Mummy, are you worried about something?” He had witnessed me sigh loudly, though this was because the Pup was up to his usual tricks.

The conversation then went like this…

Me: “No, why? What is worrying you?” Expecting this to be a school related conversation such as, he doesn’t like the other boys playing so rough during Tag.

Tink: “You made a big breath out. Yes, I’m worried that the robbers will break in and steal my toys and teddies while I am at school”.

Me: “Robbers aren’t going to break in. There’s too many people that live close by and there’s usually, always someone about.” Never mind the fact that they would be far more interested in the TV and laptop than his toys and teddies.

Tink: “What if they smash the window when no-one is looking?” Like no-one will hear a window getting smashed in broad day light.

Me: “We have double glazing; they won’t be able to smash the window easily or quietly”

Tink: “What if they build a tunnel?” I think that he thinks we live in the great escape.

Me: “Our house has a concrete floor”

Tink: “What if they use a drill?”

Me: “They still could not do that quietly. They will get caught.” By this point, it is getting a bit tiresome.

Then it really got ridiculous:

Tink: “Ghosts can pass through without being seen, what if they turn into a ghost”

Me: “Like Really!!!!!” Queue my eye roll.

As a parent, we should always be prepared for anything.

I’m now thinking Minecraft and Scooby Doo have a lot to answer for.

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