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When the schools are off it can only mean one thing…


This one word brings so much excitement for all. However, for parents, it also comes with some degree of dread. For parents, it means TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN!!!

Throughout this year, many parents have been looking forward to the school holidays because of the promise it brings. The promise of a change of scenery, no homework and most of all, the excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol without being judged. WE ARE ON HOLIDAY!!! Then the Covocalypse struck. All this disappeared. Instead we were trapped within the same four walls and restricted to where we could go and what we could do. Don’t worry though, the wine was still available.

Then October came…

October Holidays

With Easter and summer cancelled, only October remained. Many parents, like myself, took the advantage and booked a Staycation. After being confined to our homes, feeling caged like animals, with feral children who behave like wild dogs, fighting for any scrap of food they could get their little claws into, we needed to get away. And so comes the travel prep.


We booked into our favourite Darwin Escapes in the Lake District, Keswick Reach (not an affiliate link). Knowing that restrictions are in place in England, we packed the car with plenty of activities, games and toys; plenty to keep the kids occupied with whilst we were away. Then we needed to ensure we had enough snacks and activities for the journey.

Ready for set off!!!

Now, our car has a DVD player in the back (Affiliate link below*). This is handy for keeping them entertained but can drive a mother insane when it is the same film on repeat. If I hear Alvin, Simon and Theodore singing Vacation one more time I will chew my own ears off. I have included some links to a mix of movies below, some of which are suitable for older kids. (Affiliate*)

Even though I have boys, they both love Frozen and Disney Descendants. For kids who love music, these films are great to keep them entertained.

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

Between the screechy voices of the Chipmunks and the whiny voices of my 2 little angels, I was about ready for that obligatory glass of rose on arrival. If we ever arrived!

As is expected with children, every 2 minutes they ask “Are we there yet?” The first time they asked we had only just driven up our street and onto the main road. At this point I knew it was going to be a long 2.5 hours. Travelling with children is exhausting.

A Projectile Pup

Due to Covid, we decided to attempt the trip without making any stops. I should have known better…

Shortly after we entered into the Lake District I started to feel car sick. After rolling down the window I felt a bit better. Tink pipes up next so we open his window too. Then Pup decides to jump on the bandwagon.

As parents, you come to expect imitation in your children and therefore, might not take what they are saying seriously. It turns out that this was NOT one of those situations.

Pup kept insisting he felt car sick. He hadn’t eaten too much except a Cadbury’s fudge and a couple of strawberry laces. We had limited their water too. I had this genius idea of setting an alarm every 30 minutes for water breaks.

With under 1 mile to go I gave him the rest of his water.

FYI A Sat Nav is a road trip essential. I’m sure ours is a GARMIN one. (Affiliate Link below*)

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*


Up came the strawberry laces, the fudge and the H2O. With nowhere to pull over we had to keep driving whilst he continued to 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Eventually we found a lay-by, pulled over and the Hubby had the lovely task of cleaning up Pup, whilst I dry heaved in the front seat. Tink found all this unbelievably funny.

travelling with children
0.8 miles to go

Finally we Arrived

Honestly though, no trip to the lakes is complete without someone throwing up. We should have learnt our lesson after the last trip home. I had thought about buying sickness bands for the kids and me. Now I wish I had. I will add that to DIY Daddy’s Amazon list. (Affiliate link below*)

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

No matter how prepared you think you are something always, ALWAYS comes up. In this case it was Pups strawberry laces. In the end those laces didn’t survive travelling with children. I don’t think any of us could have eaten anymore after seeing them coming back out of Pup’s mouth. Needless to say, I poured a large glass of Rose on arrival. Motherhood can be a dirty job at times.

To be continued…

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