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Throughout this blog so far, I have not touched much on the topic of Covid-19, or the Covocalypse, as I like to call it. With cases on the rise again, and restrictions being increased, I would like to take this time to reminisce about our time during the past 6 months and living in the midst of the Covocalypse.

The Fear

There was so much fear in the air. I felt like I was living in an episode of the Walking Dead. Schools closed on the 20th March but my boys were sent home one week prior to that, as Tink had coughed in class 😱 . 2020 will forever be known as the year the cough was outlawed. The second you cough in public, you are ostracised by society, shunned by all around; made to hang your head in shame.

Then we have the panic buyers! Those people who could not survive without the 300 packets of bog rolls. Anti-bacterial hand gel became a thing of myth, a bit like the elusive Scottish Bear. If you wanted to make sure you were able to get a proper shop, you would need to send your husband to Tesco as 5am, much to his dismay.

The Covocalypse
Where did all the bog roll go???

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When the country ground to a standstill and schools were closed, my first thought was “How will I get through this”. My second thought was “Where’s the wine?”

DIY Daddy is a key worker as he works in the energy sector so he was put on a rota. 1 week he would work from home, the other onsite. At first I was excited at the prospect of having him home; that was until I saw what he had done to my kitchen. There were wall to wall stacks of boxes and the kitchen table was turned into a home office. Now, if you know me you will know that I am obsessed with tidiness and organisation. This just drove me to the Prosecco.

On a plus note, he was there to offer support through the whole debacle that was home schooling. By support I mean he would shout up the stairs, “Listen to your Mum.” Did he really expect that to help? Tink spent most of the time hiding under his chair.

The Covocalypse

Home Schooling

Having grown up with a mum in the teaching profession, I have always had a lot of respect for teachers. After 3 months home schooling my darling children, I now think that all teachers should be nominated for saint hood.

Of course, when they are in class, our kids behave like perfect little angels. They would never dare say no to their teacher, or cry over writing out 1 bloody sentence. I also highly doubt they would ask their teacher for endless snacks. At least we hope that is the case.

Throughout home schooling, my main priority was Tink. Unfortunately, this meant Pup was slightly neglected. I did try but in the end there was some regression on his part. Thankfully, he is just starting Pre-school, so will catch up.

This makes me think about all those children that are in Primary, or Secondary, who might not have had the same support network at home during lockdown. We are lucky that I gave up work and was able to be there for the boys in this situation. Overall, my boys have coped fairly well during the covocalypse. I will say though, summertime could not have come around quick enough.

Restrictions Eased

As restrictions to lockdown eased, my support network grew. We were able to, finally, have socially distanced visits with family and friends. After being cooped up for so long, just me and 3 boys, I needed my girl time. I really had missed my Mum, and the boys missed their Grandparents. This also meant I could let someone else chase after the boys for a bit, “sorry mum”. It was the beginning of a completely different way of life for everyone; face masks became a mandatory fashion accessory. Tink adopted his own fashion choices; a pair of headphones (to drown out the Pup), his facemask and his Spiderman costume. On that note, last week, he wore his jammies to go collect Pup from nursery.

The Covocalypse
Tink ready to fight the Covocalypse

Present Time…

Now, in present time, people have gotten complacent. The Covocalypse has snuck back in. With cases on the rise, we must all do our part and follow the guidelines issued by the government.  If we can get through it once, we can get through it again.

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