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As the weather is now getting colder, I have started longing for those warm summer days again. This has led me to reminisce about summer time in 2020…

I love summer, who doesn’t? This summer we had so many plans. We booked to go on holiday; I would finally get Tink riding his bike; I’d teach him to tie his shoe laces; we’d go on loads of day trips and make so many happy memories.  Well, we definitely made some memories.

Welcome to a covocalypse summer…

Beach Walks

We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing beach right on our doorstep. Many days this summer, I have spent, walking down with the boys, throwing stones in the water and sometimes, intervening when they try to aim them at each other.

On the morning of Tink’s Sports Day, we went on a mini beach adventure to commemorate the day. Gran came too (socially distanced of course). After the boys competed in a couple of races, we went for a long walk, got chased by a (very nice) security guard and climbed up some really high rocks/dunes. After a panic attack, on my part, we made it back onto the beach and home to a much needed cup of tea, it was too early for something stronger.

Rainy Days

 Eventually we went to visit my mum as we are now allowed inside. One of the days that I remember most it was raining so heavily. In an effort to get the boys out we went for a quick walk around the block and some puddle jumping.

What is it about a puddle that holds so many thrills for children? Usually, I have to drag them away so that they don’t end up soaked. They also always manage to find the craters which, when jumped in, send a spray of water over everyone within a 10 feet radius. In this instance though, I let them out with the sole purpose of puddle jumping.

The boys were very enthusiastic. Pup insisted on manically bouncing in each puddle about 10 times, before moving onto the next one. When we got back, everyone was soaked to the bone. What we really needed was a pair of waterproof trousers (Affiliate link below*). They do have some but it wasn’t exactly a planned puddle jumping session. It was time for hot showers, dry clothes and a nice cup of tea. Again, it was too early in the day for wine.

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Summertime Fun/Successes

We had many days throughout this summer that were just filled with good, old, quality, family time. The majority of our memories were made out in the garden or walking along the beach. Even though it wasn’t what we had planned, we did manage some fun this summer.

Tink can now tie his shoelaces, Pup can ride his balance bike and we baked (or rather burnt) some cakes. We also had loads of movie sleepovers in the lounge in which I ended up retreating to the comfort of my own bed.

The hot summer days meant water gun fights and fun splashing about in the paddling pool. We also attempted a garden barbeque but this turned out more like an episode of Smokey and the Bandit. Smokey being the BBQ, the Bandit being DIY Daddy. Those wee disposable ones create A LOT of smoke but do make yummy burgers. 😛

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

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Despite not being what we expected, 2020 has definitely not been dull. With 2 boys to raise, life is always entertaining, even when on house arrest. If we have to do this again, I know that we will, as pup likes to say, smash it.

Bring it on summer 2021!

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