Tink & Pup Let Loose

Mummy’s log, Friday 4th September 2020 – Shopping with Boys, is it ever a wise decision…

Turned the car on today and it started shrilly beeping at me, indicating that she was out of fuel. I knew I would need to go via the garage and top up but I kinda figured, maybe, if I leave it, the man-child will do it. He does earn the pennies after all.

However, after getting Pup from nursery, I started feeling guilty about being so lazy so I thought, pick up Tink, and then swing via Morrison’s Fuel.

A Detour

At the last minute, I decided to be adventurous and maybe, just take the boys into Morrisons to pick up a few necessities. I was mainly thinking about a bottle of Prosecco by now, and well, you risk anything for a bottle of Prosecco. Truly though, is shopping with boys ever a wise decision?

I warned Tink at school:




In general, stay by me and keep your hands in your pockets. Yeh right!

I warned both of them several times until Tink started to get annoyed. He had already been told and didn’t need to be told twice let alone 3 times.

We bundled out the car, bag in hand, anti-bac wipes at the ready.

We forgot the masks!!!

Back in the car!

 I found a mask in the glove box so used that to quickly grab some Diesel (I also need to remember the car takes Diesel. The man-child will divorce me if I use Petrol. Actually, he’d prob do more than divorce me. He’d be living it up on the life insurance).

Whilst I was in the Kiosk, the car alarm kept going off. I still don’t know how to stop that bloody thing from going off when the boys are in the car.

I’m really thinking about that bottle of Prosecco again right now so head home, grab the masks and head to Lidl. Morrisons was very busy so surely Lidl will be quieter. No Such Luck!

In the Shop

Car park is full but I find a space, get the boys back out and give them both a final warning. It is honestly like a red flag to a bull. Tink runs one way while I turn another. He comes close to getting hit by a car. Inside, he automatically heads for the magazines.

I head straight for the kitchen roll aisle, barking at them, like an angry Rottweiler, to keep up and stay close. This also happens to be where the queue is these days. Pup is dancing about; I pull him away before he can collide with a poor unsuspecting shopper. Tink decides to start walking back up the aisle, heading for the milk, ignoring me, he disappears round the corner. I bloody knew he would be the one to wander off. I grab the milk and then make a beeline for the Prosecco, joining the queue after a small detour for those precious kinder eggs.

Tink then strikes up a conversation with Willie Nelson’s twin brother while pup rolls about on the floor; me frantically trying to haul him back up.

Finally we make it back outside. The only thing keeping me sane right now is the thought that the man-child will be home tonight and the Prosecco will soon be chilling in the fridge.

In conclusion, shopping with boys is never a wise decision!

Cheers Folks!!!

shopping with boys

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