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How do you handle serious conversations with your child? One thing I have learnt with my boys is to be as open-minded as possible. They are constantly coming up with new ways to surprise us. Sometimes I think I know what is going on inside their wee brains, then they open their mouths and it is completely the opposite. This morning was one such case and, a little sad.

To set the scene:

Pup enters my bedroom holding his magnetic writing board. On it are scribbled markings.


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The Conversation went like this:

Pup        “Mummy, this is a letter. The people are angry.”

Me         “Why are they angry?”

Pup        “The little boy doesn’t have a daddy anymore. He doesn’t have a mummy either. He is really sad”

Me         “Who doesn’t have a mummy or daddy?”

Pup        “The little boy. His daddy has left him. His mummy has left him too.”

Me         “Some children don’t have a mummy or daddy. Are you sad?”

Pup        “No, the wee boy is. My daddy has left me too.” WHAAATTTTTTT????

Me         “No he has not!!! Your daddy works away but he has NOT left you. There’s a difference. He’ll be back tonight.”


I then went on to explain that mummy and daddy love him very much and will never leave him. Not willingly at least. He toddled off to play and his mind went onto something else pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, I texted his dad. His response was, “Good start to the day. New blog post at least.” The Hubby doesn’t let anything faze him. I, on the other hand, was a little saddened.

 I have no idea where this serious conversation came from. He must see other families and hear other children, probably at nursery. Maybe he relates to comments others have made because his dad is gone through the week. At 4, he will not understand fully why he is away. He also doesn’t have a concept of time. All we can do is constantly reassure him and tell him how much we love him. Over time he will realise the difference. Raising boys, and girls, can be very emotionally challenging at times.

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