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Today the sun was shining, a rare occurrence in the west of Scotland. In order to get some exercise, mummy decides that it is time for some scooting fun. We would take the scooters round to the school to pick up Tink.

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I tried to suggest walking first but Pup did not agree with this at all. Like suggesting he should walk was the greatest sin you could enforce on him.

Did your kids ever go through a phase of refusing to walk anywhere?

Taking the scooters was the only way around it. Really I should have known better.

The Journey There

We set off and it’s not too bad. The pavement is quite narrow so I walk along the road and try my best to guide him, directing him to remain on the pavement. Every so often he yells at me to leave him alone. He really likes to shout.

When we arrive at the school, Tink comes out. As always I have to bellow across the playground at him as he instantly runs off in the direction his friends are going. I’d imagine that trying to contain 2 boys is like trying to herd sheep. I wonder if you can train a sheep dog to manage your kids.

The Journey Back

Now I am not physically the fittest of individuals. I had imagined that we would have a nice leisurely walk home, them scooting on their scooter, me walking along behind them. That is definitely not what happened.

All common sense and road sense disappeared. I ended up running along after Pup the entire way whilst yelling at Tink to slow down, screeching at the top of my voice “don’t go on the road”, “STOP CAR”. He turns to me and says “well mummy, you just need to exercise more”. Cheeky wee sh*te.

Eventually we make it home; I am soaked with sweat and in much need of a glass of wine. Unfortunately I chose this week to give up alcohol. I suppose at the end of the day, at least they had some scooting fun.

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