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I have been thinking of writing a post on motherhood since the birth of my little Love Bug. However, this topic is so extensive, that I realised that it would need to be broken up into several different posts. I asked myself, where to start? The best answer to this is at the beginning. Hello pregnancy!!!

Life Before

I honestly can’t even remember who that girl was. Life before Tink came along is a distant memory. My biggest responsibility was making sure I got to work safely and trust me that was sometimes quite the challenge. I was typically the girl who lost her shoe on the train track and had to hop back home. Of course it did not occur to me at the time to ask for help in the station.

Before motherhood, I had different goals. My main focus was my career and my social life. The only concern I had was why is America not in the Eurovision?  Yes I did ask that question once or twice.

Being Pregnant

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the rollercoaster that is Pregnancy. I’m sure there are women out there who have the perfect pregnancy and the perfect birth. I was NOT one of those women. The “glow” definitely appeared to be a myth to me.


First off, I was sick. Until you actually experience hyper emesis you can’t truly understand what it is like. It can be debilitating and, not to mention, humiliating. Quite often I would throw up into a sandwich bag as it was all I had to hand. This is enough to put you off sandwiches for life. I also will never eat a hot cross bun again. At one point, during my second pregnancy, I was admitted to hospital with dehydration. That was a fun experience. They had trouble accessing my veins; every nurse/doctor in that place had a go at jabbing me. I felt like a human pin cushion.

During both pregnancies I found it helpful to use anti-sickness bands (affiliate link below*), especially when travelling. I also took medication prescribed by the doctor. One thing I would recommend is to request the tablets that you swallow. I found the ones that sat under your tongue made my symptoms worse.

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Next, the cravings! I have heard of some strange cravings but I think mine blow them all out the water. I craved perfume and it wasn’t even nice expensive perfume. This baby had no class. He liked the cheap stuff. I would sit and sniff it; I’d maybe go as far as to say I thought about licking it. Luckily, my brain overpowered my other dumber senses so I didn’t end up poisoning myself.


Then we have the hormones. Ashamedly I’ll admit hormones got the better of me. I turned into a complete b**ch at times. With Pup, I got so fed up I couldn’t even be bothered in work anymore. People don’t often hear me swear. Well they did when I was pregnant. That was the beginning of the end. Kids don’t just ruin your body, your mind and your house. They turn you into a foul mouthed monster. Despite this, we still feel unconditional love and that need to protect them, no matter what, even if they end up in the jail.

A Blessing

Despite having a difficult pregnancy there are some good bits to being pregnant. It is amazing to be able to feel your baby moving and hear his/her heartbeat. These moments are truly special and make you realise how much of a blessing it is.

It also helps that, once I got past the sickness, I had an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I may have lived on cheeseburgers and pizza for 4 months. Although this probably explains the extra stone I gained over and above the baby weight. The belt adjusters were handy as it meant less time spent in maternity clothes. Unless you spend a fortune, there is not too many options out there for affordable, nice maternity wear. These were definitely a bonus find (Affiliate Link*).

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

The best bit of all comes at the end of the 9 months, when you get to hold that little life that has been growing inside you. It is seriously remarkable what the human body is capable off; what I am capable of.

To be continued…

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