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Last night I tried to be “fun mum” and rough play with the boys. 2 seconds in and they are trying to kick me on my flabby bum and chase me into the toilet.  Its times like these that I realise how different a parent I am to my husband. He can throw them about, whereas they end up throwing me about. It made me think of other ways we differ and so “Mummy vs Daddy” came to be.

Mummy vs Daddy

Daddy can throw us; whilst Mummy breaks her back.
Daddy builds a Lego mansion, whilst Mummy builds a shack.
Daddy drives away to work, whilst Mummy drives us to school.
Daddy thinks he’s the best, whilst Mummy is so cool.
Daddy earns the pennies, whilst Mummy spends the cash.
Daddy logs new orders, whilst Mummy takes out the trash.
Daddy makes the microwave ping, whilst Mummy makes the oven sing.
Daddy can eat what he likes, whilst Mummy really should be on the bike.
Daddy is the DIY King, whilst Mummy tends to break everything.
Daddy likes to paint with us, whilst Mummy likes to read to us.
Daddy gives good hugs, but Mummy hugs us tight.
Daddy sings songs, whilst Mummy kisses us goodnight.

The book I was reading in the featured image was Why Mummy Drinks, the first in a series by Gill Sims. I love this author. She is funny, realistic and honest. It is a fantastic book. You can buy it through Amazon below (affiliate link*).

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  1. I love this ❤
    The line ‘Daddy earns the pennies, while Mummy spends the cash’ made me laugh 😂 Overall though, it’s beautiful. The boys are fortunate to have such loving – and diverse – parents.

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