Mummy & Daddy's Weekend Off

Hallelujah, Freedom!!! Mummy & Daddy’s Weekend OFF!!!

Dropped the boys off at Nursery and School on Friday morning, then we hopped in the car and took off. We were headed to Windermere for 2 night’s dinner, bed & breakie. Both Gran’s were sharing custody of the wee darlings.

Achieving Wedded Bliss

With the Hubby working away, one thing we always need is quality time together, to reconnect as a couple. As parents, we have found that we spend most of our time concerned for our boy’s well being that we tend to neglect our marriage. I also find that, because David works away, I become so engrossed in my own routine with them that, when he comes home, I struggle to include him in our life.

This is something I am fully aware off and continue to work on. Marriage is all about finding the right balance. I always dreamed of having a typical life of 9 to 5, raising kids then both chilling at the end of the night with a glass of wine. That is just that, a dream. It is a far cry from what I have but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We found the balance and we make it work.

Date Night

In normal, non-covid times, we try and incorporate date night into our life, whether it be dinner and a movie on the couch, or a trip to the cinema. In our younger days we would go to the pub. These days I’m so tired after a week with the boys, I prefer to Netflix & Chill.

Mummy & Daddy's Weekend Off
Covid Date Night

This weekend we had dinner in the hotel both nights. I took this opportunity to leave my tired, old, mum leggings at home and blow the cobwebs off the date clothes. The food was rich, decadent and tasted incredible. Tiredness and over-indulging put me into a food coma and, typically, I fell asleep the back of 9pm on Friday night. That’s the life of a mum, trying to get her groove back.

Walking in the Lakes

Saturday, we did a small amount of walking, took a few obligatory selfies for our boys and attempted a video call, only to witness Pup launch a huge exercise ball at his Gran’s head. Welcome to the jungle; it’s usually me who bears the brunt of Pup’s antics.

Mummy & Daddy's Weekend Off
Selfie by the Lake

The hotel was on an unbelievably, steep hill. This was ok going down, but a killer to walk back up especially, if, like me, you have let yourself drink a few too many wines and eaten a few too many 210g bags of minstrels during lockdown. The Hubby has advised me to “get fit” before our next trip to the Lakes in 4 weeks time, where he plans on taking the boys, and me, hill walking. Yeh, we’ll see about that.

Home Again

Driving back home on Sunday, I could not wait to see the boys. It was great to get away, but I always feel as if something is missing when they are not around. I love those initial smiles when they see you walk back in, and I always think that moment’s like these are so precious. That is until we are driving back home and they are beating the crap out each other again. Mummy & Daddy’s weekend off was over too soon. Can I just go back to the hotel room now please?

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