With the Easter holidays fast approaching (1 day left at school yikes) I thought everyone could benefit from some fun, mess free activities to keep the kids busy. I cannot think of anything better than something that will occupy the kiddies but creates little to no clean up for us parentals. It’s a win, win!

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Mess Free Painting

mess free activities to keep the kids busy

You cannot go wrong by suggesting a little painting sesh! My boys love to paint but I certainly do not love the aftermath of what this entails; paint EVERYWHERE, even in the most unseemly of places. It’s almost as if they’d created their own version of Wind the Bobbin Up, Get the Paints Out Mum.

Get the paints out mum,
Get the paints out mum,
Dip, dip,
Splash, splash, splash.

Let’s get painting mum,
Let’s get painting mum,
Dip, dip,
Splash, splash, splash.

Paint on the ceiling,
Paint on the floor,
Paint on the window,
Paint on the door.
Clap your hands together,
1 2 3,
Put that paint all over me.

So, bearing this in mind, I went out and bought some alternative painting solutions. All from Amazon of course.

Galt Paintastics Brush Set

This little set of 12 colours comes with the paint included in the pen and they are so easy to use. It does take a little practice and you do not need a lot of pressure but, you use them exactly like you would a felt tip. Ideally, I would recommend these for age 6+ because you need a delicate touch. My 4 year old will DESTROY them but then he is extremely heavy handed with a lot of things. He’s a wee hell-razor.

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Paint Station Paint Pods

These are exactly like they sound. Each little pod contains some sort of spongy material soaked in paint and best of all, IT DOES NOT SPILL. This set includes a small brush and provides a choice of 5 colours, red, yellow, blue, green and purple. This is more than enough to get your little artist started.

To use just sweep the brush through the sponge and then off you go. I will say that, with each swipe, there is not a lot of paint transferred to the brush. If your child is very young then this isn’t a bad thing however, if they are closer to Pup’s age, they may get a tad frustrated; he turns 5 in a couple of months.

For younger children, these are great however, I would definitely say that 2 to 4 is the target age range. Any older and they will get bored trying to put paint on the brush however, they are ideal for finger painting.

Both these paint sets are washable; tried and tested on little hands and surfaces here folks. This makes them perfect, mess free activities to keep the kids busy. Alternatively, you can just pull out a good colouring book with crayons, pencils or felt tips.

Mess Free Colouring

When it comes to colouring in I absolutely love the Crayola Twistables range. They have also just come out with a set that include 2 colours in each pen which I am desperate to try out. Now, I know most standard colouring supplies are designed to be mess free but, if you have kids you will know that they manage to create chaos out of thin air.

Crayola Twistable Crayons

I prefer these to ordinary crayons because, as your child gets older, crayons become a little too young and they may want something more precise to draw with. Pup has ALWAYS snapped crayons into a millions little pieces so, as soon as I discovered this range, it was like the answer to my prayers. No more digging tiny bits of crayon out from between couch cushions. No more discovering clothes caked in melted wax because they had ended up in the washing machine or tumbler. If you have a child guilty of this then you can understand my pain. I HATE crayons!

It looks like a crayon massacre has occurred every time we pull the colouring stuff out but, with these, this does not happen. There is the odd occasion where he will twist them too far and break the top off but, if you monitor this then it isn’t an issue.

Crayola Twistable Pencils

These are perfect for older children of Tink’s age although, he is happy to use standard pencils and felt tips too. I personally prefer the Twistables because you do not need to sharpen them. Every time Tink sharpens a pencil he manages to get the shavings all over the floor, the bin and himself. I’ve even picked bits out his hair. Like really! Was he sharpening it above his head? I’m not even sure any actually ever makes it into the actual bin itself. I am forever brushing up bits of charcoal, shavings and wax. You know we parents love anything that provides us with less clean-up duties.

For a full selection of Crayola Twistables click here.

Reading Corner

mess free activities to keep the kids busy

Moving on from creative play to imaginative, there is nothing more comforting than sitting down for some quiet time together with a good book.

In order to make it fun you could throw together a cosy reading corner. Fling some cushions and blankets on the floor, get snug and get reading. My boys thoroughly enjoy losing themselves in a good book, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. This is something we do quite often in our household. You can see some of our favourite books below.

Reading is extremely important as it teaches children about things they may not learn about in day to day life. It also encourages them to let those imaginations run wild, something that games are great for too.

Games Galore

mess free activities to keep the kids busy

It’s a good idea to set one evening aside each week for a games night. Get some snacks, drinks and just have fun. With the Easter holidays, or any school holidays, I am always looking for new and creative ways to entertain my two otherwise they would be driving me quickly to the bottom of the wine bottle.

This can take the form of board games such as Screwball Scramble, Operation, Monopoly Jr., card games such as Snap or, Imaginative Games such as Simon Says, Duck, Duck, Goose or even The Floor is Lava. You could even incorporate some fort building into your play.

Building Forts

This is a typical boy activity and, thankfully, something that my two do A LOT with their dad because I am useless. I can never get the blankets to stay up; every time it ends up collapsing on top of them.

Now, most of the time forts can involve digging out towels, blankets, pillows, duvets and cushions, leaving quite a mess for us mums and dads to tidy away afterwards but, you can easily make one out of a couple of chairs and a blanket, just like Tink did above.

He especially loves building a fort and then snuggling down with a good movie.

A Munchie Movie Night

mess free activities to keep the kids busy

With their dad working away so much we ALWAYS make time, every weekend, for a family movie night with plenty of snack and yummy goodies. This One Mum also cracks open the vino. There is nothing better than settling down as a family and watching a film, well, as long as the boys stay quiet long enough to make it through.

Quite often they get bored and start rolling about, pawing at each other. This is why you always need to consider your choice of film carefully. The following are just a small selection of movies that have kept their attention the full way through.

Bigfoot & the Henderson’s
The Goonies
Toy Story (Any of them)
The Good Dinosaur
The Pink Panther (Steve Martin)
Back to the Future
Bill & Ted

They actually thoroughly enjoyed the older movies. I’ve always said that the movies of the 80s and 90s are the best, same goes for the music of those decades too. I was born in the 80’s so I am fully 100% bias.

Dance Party

mess free activities to keep the kids busy

Now moving onto some more active, mess free activities to keep kids busy and, a great way to burn off some steam is with a dance party. My kids love music so I just had to include this. Even if it is just for 20 minutes, these are 20 minutes where they can get a little exercise and express themselves freely.

Dancing gives children the perfect opportunity to express themselves safely and without judgement, although, saying that, Tink did manage to knee himself in the head once. He always has been one to get carried away and loves to dance. His movements are very exaggerated and full on. Pup, on the other hand, will just bounce up and down on the balls of his feet.

Right now he is OBSESSED with B.E.R. The Night Begins to Shine. Put this tune on and he will come diving down the stairs to instantly start bouncing about the living room. Tink hates it. I think he has heard it one too many times.

Alternatively, if the weather suits, you can go for a more outdoorsy approach.

Nature Walk

During lockdown, being confined to our homes, there wasn’t much else for it but to throw on some jackets, shoes and hit the beach or the forest parks. We are really lucky that we have so much near the vicinity of our home where we can set the kids loose.

Walking along the beach, picking up sticks, rocks and other, slightly more questionable objects is quite a common pastime for us. A nature walk is mess free in that it keeps the mess OUT of your house, well, until they bring some of those slightly questionable objects back home.

If you wish to make it more fun why not try a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love solving challenges so this is a great opportunity to encourage them to use their heads. It certainly will keep them engaged and entertained and, best of all, they can tidy up after themselves. If you are looking for a little scavenger hunt, I created both an Indoor and Outdoor one. You can download these below.

My Thoughts

Looking back at all of these I know I definitely have found some fun, mess free activities to keep the kids busy this Easter. We will also be doing a lot of work around the house and garden so, I need ways to occupy the boys whilst their dad and I get on with this. It will absolutely be a busy couple of weeks. Thankfully, David is off for 10 days. 🎉🎉 I’m looking forward to this most of all. 😁😍

I hope it gave you some ideas too. For more fun, Easter themed activities, please click here.

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