I think I may have mentioned previously that my sister had a little baby girl at the end of August. Being the only girl, amongst the boys, she will be well and truly spoilt. She is the most adorable bundle of cuteness I have ever laid eyes upon. This is why she has adopted the name Love Bug, or Little Bug. In hindsight this may not have been a great idea. Look at how the nickname, Pup has stuck. Imagine the fallout in school when he doesn’t respond to his birth name.

Anyways I digress…

Covocalypse Cuddles & Stinky Bundles

With the current Covocalypse restrictions we are only allowed to meet with 1 other household outdoors. This sucks ass. It is not ideal for a new-born with this unpredictable Scottish weather. I haven’t been able to visit too often.

Finally though, I got to go round this morning. Now, this is the one instance I am thankful to the Covocalypse. The second I arrived she dropped not 1, but 2 doozies in her nappy.  This thing sounded like a mini eruption. You would not expect so much sh*t to come out of something so small and dainty. And here I thought the boys were meant to be the stinky ones. Well, Little Miss Love Bug can certainly compete with them for that title.

Thank You Covid

 In normal circumstances she’d probably be handed straight to me. Auntie Lynne gets nappy duties. My sis is so generous that way. Thank you Covid; I got to remain outside in the fresh air. Despite babies being unbelievably cute, they are little 💩 machines.

Once my Little Bug was all cleaned I finally got my cuddles. If it wasn’t for Covid I’d see a lot more of her. My sister and I have a really close relationship, maybe too close sometimes, so we are usually together quite a lot. This year has changed that. 2020 has been an absolute crapper so far, a bit like my little Love Bug today.

Love Bug

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