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Does anyone else HATE Lego?

Tink has so many different sets. The DIY Daddy is to blame. I reckon he only bought them because he wanted to re-live his youth; is it offensive to suggest a mid-life crisis at 40? Instead of a fancy car, he has bought a huge van and about 20 boxes of Lego. Now that he’s not here 75% of the time, it’s down to me to deal with the fall out, i.e. the mess. Tink’s room looks like a volcano has erupted thousands of little Lego bricks everywhere. I find them in pockets, underwear, bags and in the washing machine. I’ve even had to fish a few out of the bloody toilet. A good product to help contain the mess is this storage bag. You can find it on Amazon. It has definitely helped keep the Lego pieces in one place, even if it hasn’t done anything to reduce the quantity. 😂

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Lego Houses

If I’m not screaming like a banshee because I’ve stood on those blasted little pieces, I’m screaming in frustration trying to follow those bothersome instructions. It always fills me with dread when he asks me to build something and, have no ability at all when it comes to being creative. Tink, on the other hand, is a Lego genius. He can build sets from memory and then create whole new objects. He has a particular obsession with building Lego houses. Maybe this is why he loves Minecraft so much; he can design and build his own house.

The Police Transporter

Last night he asked me to help him build a Police Transporter. Honestly, the Da Vinci Code is easier to crack than the instructions that came with this thing. I ended up with a headache trying to make sense of them. On top of that I have a 7 year old telling me, in a condescending tone, “Mummy it’s easy, you can do it.” Usually this is the type of encouragement I am giving him, minus the condescending tone obviously, well most of the time.

Lego Instructions

This morning, he pulled the same set out again and spread the pieces all over my hallway floor. Naturally, this was 5 minutes before we were due to leave for school. In my haste to fling it all back in the tub, I accidentally broke the bits he’d built last night. He, as usual, was dragging his heels.

My guilty conscience has gotten the better of me now though. Damn my good caring nature. I have spread it all out on the living room floor and I am attempting to put it all back together, maybe even finish it for him.

3 Hours Later…

Is it acceptable to put proficient Lego builder on your CV?

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