We have thoroughly enjoyed our time away this past week, spending time together and visiting the Animal Park and Whinlatter Forest. Keswick is a wonderful place to visit, with so much to see and do. There are plenty of options for accommodation down in the Lake District, from cottages, hotels, campsites & holiday parks.

As a family of 4, with 2 kids, we have always found that the best option for us is a self-catering lodge. This provides us with more space than what a caravan would. With 2 boys, we need the space, both for them and us, especially for my sanity. A holiday should be a home away from home. A lodge provides us with everything we could need in order to live comfortably without falling over each other. It also provides us with the much needed privacy at night time.

Keswick Reach

The Hubby first came across Keswick Reach 2 years ago. We have booked here ever since, despite the first trip down not being quite what we expected. Pup projectile vomited all over the lodge. Honestly, every time we go away someone is sick. Thankfully, the lodges come with washing machines. Having to sit up all night with him though led us to witness the most spectacular lightening storm. It was incredible. The rain came battering down and the lightening crackled across the hills. It was the BOOM from the thunder though that had us all quaking in our slipper socks. Surprisingly Tink slept through the entire thing.

We have visited twice more since that summer. All the lodges are stunning; some with hot tubs, some pet friendly. The onsite restaurant serves delicious food with huge portions. Unfortunately, the only downside to the park is that it doesn’t have anything onsite for kids. There is no swing park or playground. However, with so much to do in the surrounding areas this does not bother us too much. There is also a Spa onsite but we have not had the opportunity to try out any of the treatments.

The Covocalypse

Keswick Reach, just like every other hospitality service, has been affected by Covid-19. Check-in and check-out times have been adjusted to provide more time for cleaning. The restaurant isn’t open but they are providing a takeaway service.

We made use of this and ordered out on 2 occasions. Both times the food was delivered super quickly and was extremely hot and tasty. The menu was also vast and provided plenty of options for all.

My only criticism would be that they have removed all unnecessary items from the lodges. There was no brush or hoover. I completely understand why they have done this and it’s not that I disagree with it. It’s just that I live with 3 clatty boys.

I am one of those people that cannot live with dirt. With the 3 of them, I need access to cleaning supplies. There was a small dustpan and brush but with such a large space, this was not ideal. You could regularly find me down on my hands and knees scouring the floor of any leftover sausage roll. Next time, I will be bringing my own floor brush or maybe a small dust buster.


No trip to the Lake District is complete without a wee trek into Keswick itself and a walk round Derwentwater. Naturally, you cannot go anywhere with children without them asking over and over again, incessantly, to buy a toy. They will wear you down until you give in. We found the toy shop, the sweet shop and, for the grownups, the cheese deli.

What are holidays for if not to eat and drink as much as you can? At the end of the week, much to his dismay, the Hubby’s bank account was considerably lighter. This time of year is always expensive without a holiday thrown into the mix too. Next stop… Halloween!!!

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