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When you become a parent, no-one ever prepares you for the endless, changing phases that your child will go through, or the vast quantities of food they will consume. One phrase I keep telling myself, over and over is, “It’s just another phase”.

As babies, they always say that the first 6 weeks are the hardest. In reality, in my experience, those first 6 weeks aren’t necessarily the hardest but they are the most sleep deprived. I also think that I aged about 10 years in those early weeks.

I personally believe that there is no individual part of parenting that is hard; the whole damn thing is hard. You are raising a child and there are and will be so many hurdles and bumps in the road. As parents, especially first time parents, you learn as you go. With each phase, I have had to learn and adapt to each changing situation. In those early months, we struggled through the sleepless nights, the teething and the Reflux. (Affiliate links below to some helpful products*) This led us to those toddler years; the terrible 2’s and in my case, the terrible 3’s. Now Tink is going through the “attitude” phase, where he has an answer to everything, and well Pup…

Pup’s “Aggressive” Phase

Pup is currently going through a very “aggressive” phase. By that I mean he likes to charge at you, fist first, yelling “SMASH”. I swear I am living with the offspring of the Hulk; the only thing missing is the green skin. Although, he does tend to have a slightly green tinge after he has devoured most of the food in the cupboard. Where ever he goes, destruction follows in his wake, “Pup SMASH”.

It's Just Another Phase

Right now, he is running at the wall, actually bouncing off it, then falling backwards onto the sofa. I’m honestly really surprised I’ve not been dragged to A&E yet. I’m also a bit concerned about the number of bumps to the head he has had. As much as he finds it hilarious, the boy has no sense of safety. He regularly stands on the back of the sofa then launches himself into the air, landing on his knees on the floor. No wonder all his joggers have rips across the knees. Not only is he eating me out of house and home, he requires a whole new wardrobe every 4 weeks.

It’s just another phase. It will end. In all honesty, I know that when this one ends another will begin. We just have to roll with the punches, in Pup’s case, the actual punches.


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  1. Hi Lynn

    I just read a couple of your blogs. Ha ha so candid and true, made me laugh out loud.

    Its nearly wine time !
    Janet X

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