Halloween is always a bewitching time of year. There is always a feeling of change in the air. You know that when Halloween approaches, summer is definitely over, no matter how much you try to deny it. The leaves are all changing colour and falling from the trees. It is colder, wetter and there is a constant grey fug in the sky. Yet, despite this, there is a certain anticipation of what is to come. This is the time of year where everything feels like magic, when you know that Christmas is just around the corner, but first, Halloween.


Halloween has always been something I have enjoyed, but from a distance. In the past, before house, marriage and kids, I would watch the parentals welcome the Guisers; maybe throw them a few bags. That was the extent of my efforts.

Once the Hubby and I moved in together, we became a right pair of Halloween Humbugs. We would turn out the lights and close the blinds; pretend no-one was home.


When Tink was born, this started to change, as things often do once kiddies are thrown into the mix. As a baby we would dress him up and parade him around the family and then run home, ninja style, to avoid any Guisers.

Now though it is a completely different story…

The house gets decorated, almost to the same extent as Christmas. As the years pass, the quantity of decorations seems to increase. The past couple of years I have made bags up and opened my door to the witches, werewolves, vampires and super heroes who live in the surrounding area. We live on a street that seems to be seriously busy on Halloween. This year though, things have not exactly been as we all expected.

Welcome to a Covid Halloween…

This Halloween the government advised against Guising, for good reason; we are living in a Covocalypse. With many little hearts broken, it became up to parents to try and find more creative ways to entertain their children on Halloween.

We bought pumpkins and decorated the house to get into the spirit of things. I also made up a few special bags for my neighbours, Tink’s wee girlfriend and my nephew. All Covid friendly of course.

On Halloween we stopped by my mum’s and sister’s to get some photos and so that the boys could show of their costumes, Diamond Steve and Dino Pup. For those that don’t know, Diamond Steve is a character from Minecraft. Tink is OBSESSED. My nephew thoroughly embraces Halloween, with a costume that pretty much scared the crap outta me, yet my own 2 can’t seem to entertain the idea that costumes should be scary. There’s always next year I suppose.

Pumpkin Carving

The Hubby had bought 4 pumpkins, 1 for each of us. This didn’t exactly go to plan as we ran out of time and had to store them in the shed for the week till the Hubby came home again. In the end DIY Daddy took control and carved out 3 of them whilst I did the 4th. He did consult the boys first; Tink wanted a ghost and Pup, a teddy bear. Yeh, like I said, scary isn’t really a concept they have completely grasped.

Halloween Games

After lunch, Tink wanted a game of Frustration, which didn’t end too well. Pup lost interest and just wanted to dance, as you do. I attempted to continue playing but Tink is a mega cheat. In the end, he won but by this point he was pretty much playing himself.

We then played a game of Hide and Seek instead of Trick or Treat, where we hid sweets around the lounge for them to find. Naturally, everyone they found they wanted to eat. They had some choice words to say about it when Mummy said no. It wasn’t until later, when I put Pup’s bucket in the kitchen, that I realised he’d eaten all but the ONE he didn’t like. I should have kept a closer eye on him. The boys can certainly eat.

Sleepover and Halloween Movies

Halloween ended with a movie and an attempt at a sleepover. Pup couldn’t stay awake though so he was put to bed, much to his dismay. It’s funny how they can still complain about going to sleep, as they struggle to keep their eyes open.

I don’t think Tink was too far behind him. Even though they were both hyped up on sugar, they were shattered. You can tell when they hit that high but then they come crashing down so fast. I could feel myself getting frustrated with them. The only solution was to disappear off and leave Daddy and Tink to have some quality alone time.

This mum took herself upstairs with a glass of wine and some crisps; the perfect end to Halloween 2020.

Roll on Christmas 🎅🎄

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