This weekend has been spent trying to boost our Christmas spirit. Yep, I really needed to take some drastic measures to get that festive feeling; a real tree, Christmas movies, Christmas crafts, plenty of snacks, oh and let’s not forget, kitchen renovations.

That’s right! DIY Daddy is back! He has barricaded himself in the kitchen and is hard at work sanding, filling and painting the kitchen walls. Now, I know this has to be done. I requested that he finish it for Christmas Day but, it is a complete upheaval and I just have to grin and bear it. Though he will probably tell you I have done anything but. Ok, so maybe I moaned a little.

Saturday 5th December

This morning, I was found bouncing around my living room, overjoyed at the prospect of a real Christmas tree. I literally could not sit still or keep from squealing like a stuck pig when DIY Daddy pulled into the driveway. He had gone to meet his cousin at the farm to get the tree for our front garden. I mean, it was only for outside but it looks sensational. I LOVE IT!

From the second he pulled up, I was ready with the camera. Yep, that’s how excited I was. I even took pictures of him digging the hole. The rest of the day was spent waiting for daylight fading, so that I could switch the lights on. It looks festive and fantastic.

Festive Lights

Whilst I was getting my Christmas groove on, DIY Daddy was busy with other tasks. Having locked us out of the kitchen, we had to fend for ourselves watching Christmas movies. Sometimes, I don’t know why I bother. The boys lost interest and just wanted their pads. Honestly, they have no clue when it comes to spreading some festive cheer. After the tenth time of a very exasperated mummy yelling “No”, they disappeared off upstairs to trash their bedrooms. Typically they reappeared every 20 minutes or so when they were hungry, thirsty, or to chance their luck with their pad again. Honestly, they do not give up.

Eventually I sacked it and caved in. They had their pads and I watched Noelle on Disney+.

At least someone in this family is feeling festive.

Sunday 6th December

Patch brought their letter writing kits this morning so I already know what today holds in store for us; more DIY Daddy, letter writing, probably some fighting and a very exasperated mummy. Tink wanted to make Patch a house so, having kept some boxes aside, I agreed we would do this and then write their letters to post to Santa.

After decorating the outside with wrapping paper, I used cotton wool pads and PVA glue to make snow. The boys fought over colouring in the inside. If you have ever watched the chuckle brothers you can imagine what it was like, “to me, to you, to me, to you.” At one point I thought the thing was going to end up ripped down the middle.

One good thing did come out of today. They wrote their letter to Santa and then actually watched my favourite Christmas movie, the Santa Claus. I love this film; it always gets us in the festive spirit. Even Pup let out a “Wow” when the reindeer and sleigh appeared on the screen.

Letter Writing

However, as predicted, they then ended up carrying on, arguing and the result being Tink gets smashed in the face with a door. I then get made out to be the bad parent for not giving him a cuddle. DIY Daddy to the rescue! When Mummy won’t, Daddy will. It was his own fault, they were carrying on and he knows that Pup has a tendency to “Smash”. I also know that this will probably not be the last time today someone ends up in tears.

5 minutes later, Tink falls, face first, into the corner of my laptop screen.

I wasn’t going to drink today but there’s a bottle of cheap baileys very close to hand and rose in the fridge. I’m also expected to make a full roast dinner with limited access to the kitchen. Yeh, I think a wee drink may be in order after all.

Hope you all have had a great Weekend!

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