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I’m not sure where Elf on the Shelf originated but, every Christmas, he (or she) raises his (or her) mischievous little head and creates some elfish misbehaviour for parents. I never really liked Elf on the Shelf. He isn’t the cutest of elves and isn’t what I’d imagine an elf to look like, so we found our own.

Actually, my sister found it from The Cheeky Elf, several years ago. You can still buy girl versions on Amazon but the original company no longer has a website.

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Our wee guy is extremely cute and soft but he is also quite heavy. I think the wee f**ker ate too many candy canes at the North Pole. We do what we can though to keep the magic alive and he does help keep the boys in check. They know Patch is watching and reporting back to Santa. Both Patch and Elvis have become permanent members of our family. They are like the relatives you know to expect every Christmas but slightly dread due to their precarious behaviour. Hmm… I think that might be me every Christmas! 😂🍷🍸

Mischievous Behaviour

Some part of me loves it when Dec 1st rolls around and I get to have some fun. Another part of me dreads it. Most of my ideas are repeated year in, year out. It is hard to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. This year though Pup is more involved. Simple ideas, such as finding him in his shoe, send him into fits of giggles. That is what makes it all worthwhile.

Magical elfish moments:

DIY Daddy gets involved too, when he’s home. He has more original ideas and can always pull something out the bag. I suspect that’s because, deep down, he is just a naughty BIG elf. He is always playing tricks on his work colleagues, some involving hot chilli gummy bears, or sweets that turn your tongue blue. Last year he had this wooden box. When you opened it, a massive fake spider jumped out. Yep, I think, when he was a boy, he was on the naughty list, A LOT.

Although Patch has his moments, just like my boys themselves do, he does have a nice streak too. He likes to get involved and encourage the boys creativity.

The Magic of Christmas

Even Tink loves it. Every morning he wakes up and his first thought is “what has Patch done?” The problem is sometimes it’s easy to forget. Tink is older this year and it is getting increasingly harder to pull the wool over his eyes, so to speak. He still believes in the magic but, I don’t think it will be for much longer. He sees everything in black and white. Just now he believes. I think it will be like a switch for him. Logic will overrule the existence of Santa, elves and the magic of Christmas.

I feel sad at the thought of this eventually happening but, at the same time, I look forward to bringing him into the secret and keeping it alive for Pup. He will be my partner in crime and may also bring his own valuable ideas to the mix. I also see it as another way for us to bond, something that Pup is not a part of. Tink will be happy to be in on something that his brother isn’t aware of. Let’s just hope he doesn’t abuse his new power; hope that he doesn’t reveal the secret.

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