How do you keep up with the demanding eating habits of boys? You don’t. Just make sure to have a stock of bead/pasta in the cupboard and cheese in the fridge. Oh and, for god’s sake, don’t forget to keep your fingers clear of the danger zone.

Hungry Boys

My 2 are forever hungry. They have been since birth. Their stomachs seem to be bottomless pits. This appears to have only been made worse since the Covocalypse struck. It’s almost as if they fear that they may never see another meal, so they shovel in as much as they possibly can each day.

What I truly don’t understand is how can they be constantly hungry and yet, they can never seem to finish a meal. Well, Pup can. Tink has honestly never cleared a plate. I think he is like his mother and believes he has to leave room for dessert. Can’t really argue with that!

Hungry Babies

Maybe this stems from birth. As babies, I could never keep up with their endless needs. They were both in the 99th percentile, although, at birth were under 8lbs. Now, they are big healthy boys, both being quite tall, not to mention smelly. Pup could pass as a 5 year old. I think this trait runs in the family though, as their 6 year old cousin is actually taller than Tink and well, just as smelly.

Eating Habits
Tink @ 1 Year Old

Well Stocked Fridge

I find that the best way to keep up with their ever growing appetites is to make sure that I always have enough fruit, snacks, bread, pasta and cheese. Both are cheese obsessed. You’d think they were descended from mice and not monkeys. They get this from their dad though. He will consume a whole block of cheese if allowed. After a night out, his mum used to follow the cheese crumbs and find him passed out on the floor, head in the fridge. From my own personal experience with him, I’ll tell you, beer + cheese = horrific bad breath 🤢🤢🤢 . He’s not allowed to combine the 2 now, though he doesn’t drink that often these days. I’m the one that requires a glass of vino in the evenings, especially after having to shop for these 2.

We tend to do a weekly shop but then always have to top up mid-week. I dread to think of how their eating habits will change as they get older. This is just another joy of raising boys. The bigger they get; the more fuel they will consume.  In turn, my bank balance dwindles down to zero. Yay for me!!!

I’ve just had a shocking revelation!!!

 If I have to spend more on feeding them, there will be less to spend on the vino.


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