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Easter Activities for Kids – 6 Fun ways to Entertain your Kids this Easter

Easter activities for kids

As we leave the first quarter of the year behind us, we say a fond farewell to Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and St. Paddy’s Day and look forward to the arrival of spring. As we welcome the approaching season, the shops are all preparing for Easter with an abundance of chocolate eggs and other delicious treats. It doesn’t do much for my futile attempt at shifting the Christmas weight.

In an effort to avoid the temptation of chocolate, I have thrown myself into my own preparation for the upcoming celebrations, developing some Easter themed crafts and games for my boys. Here you will find a good selection of Easter activities for kids, both of my own creation and some taken from other sources.

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One Mum’s Easy Easter Bunny

easy easter crafts for kids

This easy to make Easter Bunny is a great craft for all the family. All you need is an empty toilet roll, scissors, glue, colouring pens and my free downloadable template.

For full directions, please click here or, find the ‘how to’ video over on my YouTube channel.

As you can see, you can customize it to look however you wish although, I do think our bunnies look like they have taken a dive in some radioactive waste. They certainly are unique.

One Mum’s Easter Masks

What better way to celebrate Easter than with some fun Easter masks. All you need to do is download and colour in the free templates below. These are great Easter activities for kids to do together and will provide hours of fun. If you really feel like some extra bonding time with the family, you can even make one for yourself. As you can see, they are almost big enough for adult faces too.

Once you cut them out, make a couple of holes and tie on some string. We used thread. This was a little flimsy and hard to manage but, as you can see, we got there in the end.

One Mum’s Easter Bingo

Another Easter activity for kids and adults alike is of course good, old Bingo. As you can see it is well and truly tested by all my family and was a huge success, although beware of cheaters (cough cough, Tink). My boys and nephew loved it, giving me the idea for Christmas, Valentine’s and Halloween themed versions of the game. The opportunities are endless. 😀

You can download the free printable below. All you need to do is cut it out, follow the instructions and have fun.

One Mum’s Easy Easter Cards

What you need:

  • Coloured or white card
  • Foam stickers (Amazon affiliate links below)
  • Easter Stencils (Amazon affiliate links below)
  • Colouring Pens

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

Making these cards is fairly easy. My boys and I created pictures using the stencils and stickers bought off Amazon. These are amazing; such an easy way to draw fantastic Easter themed images, without the hassle of actually creating something from scratch. I cut up the stickers to create the contents of my Easter Basket. They are very handy for people like me, who do not have much talent when it comes to hand drawn cards. Give me computer generation any day!

Baker Ross – Craft-it! Easter Crown Kits

No Easter activities for kids are complete without the ritual making of the Easter bonnet. As you can see below, I have a history of epic failures when it comes to the bloody Easter Bonnet. Thank goodness my Husband came home and took over that year. DIY Daddy to the rescue.

Based on these past experiences I decided to hunt down an EASY fun version off Amazon. (Affiliate link above)

These were pretty simple to put together and came complete with decorations. The boys thoroughly enjoyed making them although, you might want to put a staple in to fasten them together; I found that the little catch is prone to coming undone.

Make your own window decorations

Lastly, I thought I’d throw these into the mix. These window decorations come in packs of 12 and will keep the kids entertained for at least 20 minutes, long enough for you to grab that cup of tea, coffee or, in my case, a preferred glass of wine. Not only that, but you are killing two birds with one stone; occupying their little minds whilst actively having your Easter decorations done for you. It’s a win win!

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

Get Crafty

There are so many options out there of easy, Easter activities for kids that will keep them busy for hours. These are just a few so, why not get crafty and try some of them out. You can let me know how you got on in the comments. I’d love to see some of your own creations; my sister has already sent me some of her ideas.

She actually made her own Easter Garland this year whereas, I bought mine from a combination of Tesco, Asda and of course, Amazon. Decorating at Easter isn’t something we usually do but, with the current Covid circumstances we thought hey, why not.

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