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Let me introduce you to DIY Daddy. Before the man-child began to work in the energy sector, he was a self employed landscape architect (at least that is what his business card said. In actual fact, he was a self proclaimed jack of all trades). Unfortunately, for me, this means that he does EVERYTHING himself, hence the title DIY Daddy.

  • The oven stops working – DIY Daddy to the rescue.
  • The washing machine stops spinning – DIY Daddy can fix it.
  • The kitchen sink starts leaking – DIY Daddy has the solution.
  • The dish washer stops washing – DIY Daddy can… actually no, this one he couldn’t fix so the dishwasher has sat outside for 3 years.

He emulates Tim the Tool Man Taylor (showing my age here). Thankfully the washing machine hasn’t gone BOOM yet.

In all honesty he is actually very handy, and of course this is one of the reasons I love him. (Better say that in case he reads this).


During lockdown, like everyone else living through the covocalypse, he decided to make some minor upgrades to our house, starting with the flooring.

He replaced all the flooring in the hallway, kitchen and downstairs bathroom. This was all good and well, except the old flooring sat on the decking for 2 weeks. Oh and BTW a handy tool for laying flooring is this little gadget: (Affiliate link*)

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Next, he decided to paint the kitchen cabinets. This was interrupted by a bathroom emergency, and no, not of the lavatory kind. We discovered the upstairs bathroom flooring had a hole caused by dampness. Later, I found out he actually made the hole himself after discovering the damp patch. Whilst repairing this he decided to rip out the bathroom and install wet wall, damaging the plaster board in the process. Thankfully he fixed this too but the skirting has yet to be put back in place.

Since “finishing” the bathroom he has returned to the kitchen and no, not to paint. He has ripped up the new flooring and replaced it with another. The previous flooring now resides in the boy’s playhouse.

Hopefully he will complete it one day soon. Until then, you learn to pick your battles and I sit quietly in the corner, sipping my Prosecco.

To be continued…

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