I bet you may all be wondering how DIY Daddy is doing?

Would you like an update? This involves us taking a wee trip back in time, to the weekend before Halloween…

Mummy’s Log, Friday 23rd October

Halloween is fast approaching; Christmas is just round the corner. The fear is seriously starting to set in. It is time for THE TALK.

DIY Daddy arrived home at approximately 5pm at night. I waited until he was settled and then pounced. After casually mentioning our lack of hot water in the downstairs bathroom and a kitchen which currently resembles a DIY Guru’s nightmare, he agreed to start the work.

Saturday 24th October

As there is no time like the present, he began with the Kitchen. His intention is to start there and, work his way through the house. I’ve given him a deadline of the 1st Dec. That is when I put up the Christmas tree. I think he feels I might be a tad bit bossy but he doesn’t have to live here 24/7, tending to his children, cooking & cleaning.

In hindsight, I did not anticipate how much this would put me out. With cupboard doors lying on every surface, the kitchen was out of use. At least I could get access to the fridge. Thankfully, the wine, and Domino’s, was at hand. It’s time for a Pizza Party. So much for my futile attempts at the diet.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am seriously struggling to find the motivation these days to try and keep the weight of. The fridge has become my new best friend. I also find that I am more inclined to order a cake or something when out for a coffee, than I would be if we were allowed to entertain in our homes.

Sunday 25th October

2 coats down; 2 to go! He is painting over his attempt at dark grey with a white gloss. This takes some going. Thankfully though, the doors have now been put back on and we will, apparently, be able to have a Pasta Bake for dinner.

A Vast Improvement

Without their dad’s attention the terrible twosome have gone feral. There have been several bumps to the head and they are currently upstairs making noises that belong smack damn in the middle of a disaster movie. I think this mum has lost the will to deal today though. There is an unopened bottle of Prosecco in the fridge that is soon to be opened.

After reading this out loud, DIY Daddy thinks it sounds like he is being made out to be the bad guy. That’s not my intention. He is really good at what he does; he just takes a while to do it. I do appreciate him and his talents, even though sometimes it may not sound like it. He is a fantastic husband and father and I do know how good I’ve got it. He’s given me, and our boys, a good life.

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