What have we all missed over the past few months? Dining out of course. With cafes and restaurants re-opening their doors today we decided to take full advantage and celebrate my friends 40th in style; well as in style as you can get, mid day, while the kiddies are at school. One thing was for certain though: Dining out after lockdown is definitely a little nerve racking…

Elizabeth is 40!!!

Elizabeth is 40!!! For anyone who doesn’t know, Elizabeth is my friend! As parents, we need parent friends to help us cope with, well, parenting. We initially met several years ago through our kids, the lovebirds. 8 years old and they are already plotting their wedding. We instantly hit it off, discovering that we have a lot in common; we’re both as wacky as each other meaning, we are accepting of each others wackiness so, of course, her 40th could not go unnoticed. The timing is perfect as, all of a sudden, dining out is now possible. Restrictions have finally begun to ease and we have been handed some much needed freedom. There was only one thing for it: I decided to treat her to lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, Niche.

The Restaurant

Located in the West of Scotland, Niche is quant and cosy. From the second you enter the establishment you feel entirely at home in the welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. The staff are extremely friendly and not opposed to a wee chat or a laugh whilst still maintaining their professionalism.

The overhead lighting and twinkling fairy lights add to the ambience, making you feel like you are in for a magical experience.

For someone who is currently trying to slow down and enjoy life, Niche is the perfect place to be.

The Experience

I will admit now, I was slightly surprised this morning at how nervous I felt at the thought of dining out after lockdown, even going so far as to say that I definitely noticed some butterflies in my stomach. It’s strange, dining out is nothing new but, we have been confined to limited, social engagements for so long, part of me felt like I might not know what to do, how to act or even, how to hold a long conversation with someone that isn’t under the age of 9. But, you know what??? This is entirely natural. Even Elizabeth felt anxious.

We needn’t have worried though. Carrying the conversation came naturally, just like riding a bike. Hmmm, actually, that’s probably not the best analogy to use; 2 kids down and my balance hasn’t gotten any better. I’d probably fall off said bike.

My point though, it was a very enjoyable experience and the food was to die for. As E said, it was like a taste explosion going off in her mouth. 😂🤣

Service was quick and friendly. We didn’t feel rushed, even with the 2 hr time limit and, could enjoy our food happily.

The Food

The Food!!! Oh my gosh, the food is amazing. I had a Cajun chicken wrap and French fries while E tried the salt and chilli chicken burger. Both were really good although, mine was a tad dry. It definitely would benefit from a little bit more sauce or some coleslaw. Still delicious though!

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch and even got a piece of cheesecake to take home. Their cheesecakes are insane, probably the best I’ve ever tasted. They are even nicer than the one I tasted in the Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco. In my book this is high praise indeed.

dining out after lockdown

So what of the future? Is our life back on track? Will we end up back in lockdown? What does the future hold?

The Future

So many questions, so few answers but, that is life. This whole Covid experience has taught me that as a race, us humans are pretty impressive. We have learnt to change and adapt to something that we never could have even imagined living through but we have. It may not be over but we are still fighting to come out the other side. I am so incredibly proud of myself, my family, my friends, neighbours, strangers I’ve never met, the NHS, heck, even the bin men. People have proven that we ARE resilient. We will get through this… Eventually!

Onwards and upwards as they say! First step… Dining out after lockdown! Check!

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