We all love a wee dance but no-one loves to dance more than Tink. He is always busting out some dance moves, sometimes even when there is no music on. It can be quite entertaining to watch. He has so much confidence and just lets loose, shaking his groove thang; in the house, in the supermarkets, in the school playground.

Expressing Himself

Before the Covocalypse, when you had the freedom to do as you please, we would quite regularly go out for lunch or dinner. Many times Tink would get up and start dancing around the table. Obviously, if it was busy, we would tell him to sit back down. However, no-one seems to mind. I think seeing Tink express himself in this way makes everyone around smile. He’s good at spreading a little happiness.

We can take pride in the fact that, so far, we have brought our boys up to be extremely polite and well behaved, most of the time, in public. They do have exceptional manners. Tink is a charmer. This is all part of his personality. On a few occasions, in sweet shops, both the boys have been so polite, the girl behind the counter has given them freebies. This makes us so proud and probably why people don’t mind so much if Tink gets up to dance.

 Don’t get me wrong though, they do have their moments. I’m not delusional to thinking they are perfect wee angels, but they do have manners. Some of the credit for this should also go to their support network; grandparents, aunts and uncles. We always encourage all the children in our family not to be afraid to express themselves and understanding the importance of “please” and “thank you”. This is partly why Tink is so open and honest.

 The downside to this is that he says EVERYTHING that is on his mind. On one occasion I got beat to a parent and child parking space by someone. This wouldn’t have been a big deal had they had a child. Obviously they didn’t so I was pretty vocal in the car. Once in the store Tink locates said person and starts repeating some of the things I’d commented on in the car. Total cringe moment. 🙈🙊

Dancing Tink in Film

Lately, he has been picking up on some conversations regarding my previous posts Mummy vs. Daddy, Beside You and Valproate. Knowing that these are not solely about him, he has requested that I create something that is basically all things Tink, hence this post.

For some time I have been collating various clips of him dancing. The past 2 days have been so frustrating. I was close to chucking the laptop at the wall. Finding and downloading software that would run on this, solely to combine all these clips and blur out faces, was a nightmare. The laptop is old but I got their eventually, using a free trial of Filmora. Finally, I have combined them into the short video below, albeit with a watermark. Hopefully it will spread a little joy.

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