To revise, DIY Daddy enjoys dabbling in a bit of home improvement. Quite often, DIY Daddy does not finish said home improvement. Since Part 1, it will come as no surprise that, there has been no farther work done to his, yes you guessed it, home improvement. Despite this, he has turned his hand to other creative ideas…

Pup’s Regression

When it comes to his boys, DIY Daddy will do anything for them. He is a great dad and, unlike me, he can think outside of the box, he certainly has a lot of creative ideas. Life with him is certainly full of surprises.

Since lockdown, we have noted some degree of regression in Pup, specifically in his communication (listening, understanding) and numbers. I am working with the nursery with regards to this but DIY Daddy has other ideas.

DIY Daddy to the Rescue…

He created these games to help Pup remember his numbers. I also caught him using Duct Tape to create a castle entrance to Pup’s room. I’ve been peeling tape off of places for weeks; there is a downside to his creative ideas.

DIY Daddy through the Years

Through the years, DIY Daddy has turned his hand to various different projects. I have always trusted him to go ahead with any re-decorating, mainly because, if he left me to my own devices, the whole house would be pink and I’d probably be divorced by now.

When the time came to decorate the spare room for baby Tink, he barricaded the door. I was not allowed to see it until it was finished. In hindsight, this might have been because he got a tad frustrated and punched a hole in the wall. He is full of creative ideas but, some may have a tendency to create more chaos than order.

Other projects he has attempted are shown below.

Noah’s Ark

For my nephew’s 1st birthday, DIY Daddy decided to make him a Noah’s Ark. Well, he made the animals. Unfortunately, the Ark never appeared, those poor animals had to fend for themselves against the storm. Despite this, they were still a huge success with the wee dude. This was one occasion in which I was very, pleasantly, surprised by what he produced.

creative ideas
Noah and his Animals
Boy’s Beds

Rather than spending 100s of £’s on big fancy beds for the boys, a frugal DIY Daddy decided to make them. He built Tink a castle bed and he made a crib for Pup. Unfortunately, Tink got a case of the “pickies” and picked the decorative paper off his bed. It couldn’t be fixed so, in the end, we dismantled it and bought one from B&M instead. It’s not much better though as it has a very strange odour about it, which is made only slightly worse by the strange smells Tink produces.

On the other hand, The Crib was great for the short time Pup fit in it. He grew at such an alarming rate that he was in his own room quite early on. The boy never ceases to amaze me. Even now, at age 4, he is wearing size 5-6 clothing. He is catching up quick on his big brother and cousin.

DIY Daddy
Pup’s Crib

The boy’s Playhouse is another project DIY Daddy has undertaken. I will hand it to him. Tink & Pup love it. They have spent so much time in it over the summer and winter months. It truly is a huge success. Although, 2 years down the line and it still needs some finishing touches.

DIY Daddy

Life with DIY daddy certainly is enlightening and I’d say some of his creative genius has rubbed off on me. Over the past couple of years, I have tried my hand at bedazzling some canvas bags as Teacher and Granny gifts. My own creative idea this year will be Snow Globes; watch this space.

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