I always struggle with crafts at Christmas and how to entertain Tink and Pup during the festive season. Not being the most creative of people, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try my hand at a few ideas, the first being my take on a snow globe.


Christmas will definitely be different this year. Covid has seen to that. The restrictions in place limit who we can see and when we can see them. If you come from a big family like me, this will hit you hard. Every year we spend Christmas together, alternating dinner between my parents and the in-laws. In recent years, my sister and I have taken turns serving Christmas dinner.

This year is a big adjustment. There are 7 households in total and we are only allowed to create a bubble of 3. My Gran lives 30 minutes away, my brother and his fiancée an hr away. Both my sister and I have our own families; then you have all the in-laws and siblings thrown into the mix. Where do the kids go? Does this mean the cousins can’t see each other? What can we safely do without forming bubbles as such? Do one set of grandparents have to miss out? So many questions and the answers suck if you follow the rules 100%.

The only solution is to really continue as is and just do back door visits. This will hit the boys the hardest. Tink and his cousin miss each other so much. They are more like brothers than cousins. For them not to spend Christmas Day together, in the way they usually do, will be upsetting for them and us too. I am absolutely gutted not to be able to spend Christmas with my sister in the normal fashion.

Not only that but Santa’s Grotto visits are off; we couldn’t get tickets for the ones that were still operating. There are so many things we normally do at Christmas that we can’t do this year, at least we still have crafts.

In order to cheer all the kiddies up, I had the idea of trying to make them a wee pre-Christmas gift. I don’t have too much of a successful history when it comes to crafts so this was going to be experimental at best.

Snow Globes

I spent hours trolling the internet for a multi pack of DIY snow globe solutions. It was not easy to find something that was both affordable and easy to make. In the end, I opted for fillable Christmas baubles. You can get these from anywhere online if you just Google it. I bought ours from Hobbycraft; £2.50 for a pack of 4 large baubles, 8cms in size. The end result of my craft project is shown below. I think they turned out not too bad, if I do say so myself. You can also make these with the kids. Like I’ve already said, I’m not the craftiest of people, so it had to be something easy. Can I just add though, I have quite surprised myself lately.

To make these you will also need artificial snow, PVA glue, a hot glue gun, ribbon and a figure for inside.

Step 1

Using the glue gun, put a little glue on the inside base of one half of the bauble. Quickly, before the glue dries, place your figure on top and hold in place firmly for a few seconds. The glue dries fast.

I got my glue gun for £5 from Hobbycraft. The animal figures were actually £1.50 from B&M and were a tad on the large size though I managed to make it work. In hindsight, a smaller figure would work better. Hobbycraft do have fillers which are no different in price and slightly smaller. I only realised this after I had bought the ones from B&M. The trains were a pack of 6 from Primark.

Step 2

If you wish, use some PVA Glue and artificial snow to decorate the figure. Once you are happy with the way it looks, sprinkle some more snow into the bauble. I also used some PVA to secure some of the snow to the base of both bauble halves.

Step 3

Put both halves together then thread some ribbon, or the string supplied, through the loop at the top to create your hanging ornament. I also tied a bow round mine just for that added touch. There are loads of videos on youtube about how to create bows for ornaments using hot glue, but I took the easy way out.

Step 4

Place inside a gift box if you wish. I bought the ones shown up above off Amazon. They are actually sweet boxes, though worked out great for gifting small crafts. I also thought that cupcake boxes would be good to use if the size was correct but couldn’t find any Christmas ones.

Overall, I think they came out quite well, so much so that it has spurred me on to try my hand at a few other crafts… Coming Soon!

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