Christmas is coming!!!!!! Yesss!!! I love Christmas. Every year we put up the tree and decorate the house, whilst playing Christmas tunes. It is Bliss!

This is honestly my favourite time of year. I love seeing the anticipation on the kid’s faces and feel that thrill on the run up to the big day. It’s all about them. Well….. Mostly! Kind of!

Have I mentioned I love Christmas?

Christmas Traditions

Growing up we had traditions, traditions that I try and enforce on my boys and husband, much to his dismay. He doesn’t like apples and oranges so why should he get them in his stocking? Yes, that’s right. I make him do me a stocking every year and I do one for him in return. I still want to feel like a kid at Christmas. We also all have our own advent calendar, though be it ours are a tad more grown up than the boys. I love sharing in their excitement and getting to eat chocolate every morning is definitely a bonus.

This weekend it all began. We had planned to wait till the 4th as it was the first weekend of December. However, he caved after I managed to sneak a few Christmas decorations past him. The constant barrage of photos, of different ornaments I’d bought, also helped sway him.

I had this lovely picture in my head of us all decorating the tree together, singing along with the tunes in the background, having a wee groove. Yep, that was all definitely in my head. The Hubby will tell you all that I tend to get a tad over excitable at this time of year. It won’t be the first time that I have been seen dancing round the Christmas tree.

The reality of the situation was very different. The boys had no interest in the tree. Tink was more concerned with whether or not he could eat the 3 year old candy canes that appeared amongst the baubles.

I honestly forgot how much stuff we have. 17 bags and 12 boxes later and our home is looking extremely festive. The boys were eventually papped upstairs on their pads so that we could get the majority of it done without anything getting broken. Both are quite heavy handed and certainly not careful. At age 4 and 7, you still have to “kiddie proof” certain things.

Tatty Tree vs. Classy Tree

Every year we get some new bits and pieces. Our collection has certainly grown. Some of our decorations are extremely fragile so this year, we have a “kid’s tree”. They were allowed to go daft, with my supervision of course. Pup started to try and load up one single branch with all of his decorations. We now have the Tatty Tree and the Classy Tree. It also meant all their “creative” attempts from the past few years can go on the Tatty Tree; definitely a bonus. After the lights were switched on and, after a couple of glasses of Prosecco, it didn’t look quite so trashy.

The boys then received the baubles I had made for them (see Crafts for Christmas) and we were able to welcome in the season properly by spending Saturday night watching Christmas Chronicles 2. As per usual, Tink was being particularly glum. He’s 7 going on 17 and just wants to do his own thing. He isn’t interested in “family time” as much as, “Tink time”. Another phase I suppose. I hope.

If Tink’s mood swings weren’t enough to deal with, unfortunately, the 6th member of the family arrived yesterday. That’s right… Patch, the Christmas elf! It is fun, keeping the boys guessing, but oh man, it’s tough, coming up with new ways for that mischievous wee elf to be naughty, or nice, wherever the mood takes him.

I wonder where it will take him this year!

To be continued…

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