Once again Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I wonder if, maybe in this Covocalyptic world, we could all use a little extra love and kindness. As a mum, you dread the day that your child starts dating. Heck, I’ve always joked that both Tink and Pup will be 21 before they are allowed near girls. Realistically, I know that they’ll probably be in secondary school before they find an “official” girlfriend. I say “official” because Tink already has a girlfriend; he’s a charmer just like his dad. So, on that note, what do you buy children for Valentine’s Day? I thought, what better way to welcome in the season, than with my ideas of possible children’s Valentine’s gifts.

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Tink’s Love Life

It all began at age 6 with the announcement of their first Valentine’s Disco, out with school hours. Excitement filled the air; after all it was their first dance. All the boys were talking about which girl they wanted to ask. Now, with 6 girls and 16 boys in the class there was a lot of “friendly” competition. Seriously though, who’d have thought that they would be arguing over girls at age 6?

At this age, it is so cute when they claim to have an “other half”. I know I’ll worry when the boys are older but for now I encourage it wholeheartedly. It helps them build relationships, friendships and helps to teach them about kindness and respect towards others.

Tink and Addie already have quite a close friendship because her mum and I are friends. She runs the charity I am involved in, in fact, she’s the reason I joined, and so the kids would quite often see each other outside of the school playground. As it turned out Addie had quite a few admirers but in the end she agreed to go with Tink.

As is customary on Valentine’s Day, he chose her a cute, cuddly teddy from Morrisons. He also decided to buy a card for each of the girls in his class, including his teacher; like I said, charmer! This was my first experience of looking for children’s Valentine’s gifts. We were short on time and so weren’t prepared; it was pretty predictable. But what if you don’t want predictable gifts? What do you buy?

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1. Love Hearts & Chocolate:

My first choice of gift for Addie, even at Christmas, is Love Hearts or Haribo (Affiliate Link below*). She has some allergies and I know she can eat these. This is one thing, as a parent, that you must always take into consideration when buying for other children. Speak to their mums first. I also quite like the hot chocolate cone idea, it’s slightly unusual and the pack shown below (affiliate link*) could also be used as an extra, special party treat for the kids on Valentine’s Day.

Another option would be to order some sweets in bulk from Amazon and get some cute gift boxes that the kids can decorate. (Affiliate links below*) This will make it a bit more personal and you can choose any sweet you want. I quite like the idea of the chocolate hearts; more for me than anyone else. Chocoholic over here! 🙋‍♀️

2. Bath Bombs

I don’t know a little girl that doesn’t love a bath so what is a better gift than a fizzy, wizzy bath bomb. You can buy some on Amazon (Affiliate Link below*) or, if you want to go that extra mile, you could be adventurous and make some. Count it as a little extra bonding time with your child.

If you wish to go down the route of a little DIY project then I found this great recipe from Moms Collab that is very easy to follow.

3. He Talks Back

Several years ago, DIY Daddy’s brother sent Tink a talking Parrot all the way from sunny Australia. This thing was absolutely hilarious even though it drove me bananas. Secretly, I think that’s what my lovely brother-in-law was aiming for, eh Craigy boy? He loves to wind me up, usually with ginger jokes.

This little talking hamster (affiliate link below*) is exactly like our Parrot. You talk; he repeats! It will give any child an endless amount of fun and I actually think this is my favourite item from my top children’s valentine’s gifts. It is fun, cute and furry.

4. The Cute & the Cuddly

Teddy bears will always be old reliable. They are the predictable choice but ALL children love cuddly toys. Both my boys have an endless quantity of furry friends, all of varying sizes. I’m actually shocked there is room in their beds for them once they’ve tucked all their animals in for the night.

Here are some of my top choices of the cute and the cuddly from Amazon (Affiliate links*). I particularly love the large purple bear; I’m all about affordable gifts after all.

5. Let it Shine

Children’s Valentines Gifts don’t always need to be valentines related either. At Christmas, I bought these torches off Amazon for both the boys and Addie. (Affiliate links below*) Not only are they ideal for reading in bed at night, but they also come with their own projector discs. My boys love them! Although, in typical boy fashion, some pieces have already gone missing, including, as it turns out, Pup’s torch. 🙄

 I love that they have a large selection to choose from and also, being a little unusual, make the perfect present.

Handmade Cards

Moving onto cards… You could just go to a shop and buy a valentines card but where’s the fun in that? Last year, I found that the choices for children were fairly limited or worse, inappropriate. This time, we are going to make our own. I feel positively optimistic; a handmade gift just adds that extra special, personal touch to any occasion.

To do this we have ordered these self-adhesive foam shapes from Amazon which I think will brighten up any homemade card. (Affiliate link below*)

The fantastic thing about this is that you can pretty much use whatever you already have. We have a cupboard full of craft materials. The only downside, will be the clean up, if they get their little hands on the glitter.

Last time, Tink thought it would be a good idea to glittorate his bedroom carpet. It looked like the Glitter Troll had a bad case of Norovirus. Once the stickers arrive I’ll update this post with our progress and our creations.

Edit: So we finally got round to making our Valentine’s cards. Apologies for the sheer disgrace that is mine; I am not the most creative person. The stickers themselves, being well cushioned with peelable backs, are fantastic. They come in all different sizes allowing you to create 3D stackable designs.

To Recap

Valentines Day is certainly a special day for all adults and children alike. Even though DIY Daddy and I don’t do too much to for each other these days, except maybe some wine and chocolates, we don’t want to bypass the day without celebrating with the boys. I hope you found my list of children’s Valentine’s gifts useful or it at least gave you a few ideas.

We also need to remember that it isn’t all about giving and receiving gifts. It is about love, kindness and showing other people that you care. As parents we teach our children the importance of being kind and caring for others. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to put this into practice. After all…

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children's valentine's gifts
Sharing’s Caring

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

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