What is Brotherly Love?

Boys are competitive!  They are rowdy, boisterous and extremely physical. However, every so often, a little ray of light shines through and makes you realise that, even though they try to throttle each other on a regular basis, they actually do show feelings of brotherly love.

Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love

Today has been one of those days. One second they are being perfect little angels, the next they are hauling each other across the floor by the hair. It is exhausting. However, those brief moments where they show each other love are priceless. Tink actually went as far as to help Pup build his Lego Police Car this afternoon, well until Pup tried to lick his face. This is a perfect example of brotherly love; after all, sharing’s caring.

Boys & Their Toys

Yes! More Lego! At least it encourages brotherly love.

Brotherly Love
Big Brother to the Rescue

Every so often, DIY Daddy comes to his senses and realises that we have enough Lego in this house. At that point he will agree that “nope, we don’t need any more”. Then Christmas morning rolls around and I am just as surprised as the boys, by the sheer volume of new Lego that appears. The same can be said about Trackmaster. Just like the Lego, we have an excessive amount and it gets EVERYWHERE. I have lost count of the number of times I have chased Thomas under the sofa. I also caught Pup using pieces of the track to secure his cupboard door shut. Thankfully Tink was not inside it as I first suspected.

The good thing about the large quantities of Lego and Track though is that they will play together for quite some time. It definitely encourages brotherly love. I quite often stand just outside the door and listen to them interact with one another. Tink is very much the big brother with his know-it-all attitude, whereas Pup is quite vocal in whether or not he agrees with him. This is when an argument can be triggered and sibling rivalry makes an appearance.

Sibling Squabbles

When they fight, they FIGHT. It can get so physical and the last place you want to be is caught in the middle. When I mentioned above that Pup is vocal, I mean he is VOCAL. He has really found his voice. If he doesn’t want to do something, doesn’t agree with something or, just wants to be a wee sh*te, he opens that great big mouth of his and YELLS. Tink’s response to this is just to yell back.

It doesn’t take long for the fists to fly. They can really go at each other and Pup gives just as good as he gets, if not more. He is small but he is heavy and uses that body of his to just throw down on his brother.

However, once in a blue moon, they actually do compromise. Shock horror! One in a blue moon, they actually want the same thing.

A Brotherly Bond

It’s moments like this that I get a glimpse of what they will be like together when they are grown up. They have that brotherly bond and will always protect and fight for each other. It’s the same bond I myself have with my siblings and that DIY Daddy has with his.

I’ll touch briefly on mirroring our behaviour. The way we treat each other as a family and the way we treat others, strangers, friends, is mirrored by our children. This is all part of parenting. We encourage our children to treat others with kindness and respect, first and foremost through our own actions and behaviours.

Yes siblings fight, but we also love. You fight the ones you love as you know you can be 100% yourself with them. They take you as you are, love you as you are and will not judge (for the most part). The boys are a prime example of this. They fight but make up, hate but love, feel anger but then rejoice. This is brotherly love.

Brotherly Love
Cuddly Colouring

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