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Let me introduce you to the “boys behaving badly”. This has been one of those days. One of those days where you just wish that, for a second, a tazer was an approved tool for child discipline.

From the second my little “boys behaving badly” got up, they have been behaving like extras on the Exorcist.


I put on my Mummy hat, open the back door and let them blow off some steam outside; never mind the fact that it currently looks like the river Clyde has taken up residence in my back garden. This is all part of the joys of raising boys; they need fresh air no matter what the weather outside is like. They are given strict warnings to stay away from the water. Needless to say, my warnings are well and truly ignored. Pup ends up looking like he has jumped in the deep end of a swimming pool.

I am really feeling sorry for my neighbours these days. My little pair of mongrels make quite a racket when they are let outside. Part of me blames the covocalypse. The “boys behaving badly” have been cooped up to long.

Could it get any worse?

After getting cleaned up they bring the train track downstairs, proceeding to cover my entire lounge floor in one giant track. I look at the clock, wondering if it’s too early to open that bottle of wine I have in the fridge. Silently I curse the man child who is probably sitting at his desk in work, thinking of new ways to torment his co-workers.

In all honesty, track master is a fantastic invention. One set we just bought for Pup is the Mad Dash on Sodor Set. You can buy this from Amazon below. (Affiliate Link)

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5 minutes later and the shouting has started again! I’m going to pop a vein and lose my 💩 so, I put a film on in the hopes that they will become engrossed. Nope! I look round to find them battering each other with Thomas the bloody Tank Engine.

TV Off! Typically, they don’t even notice! I send them upstairs to their bedrooms to play separately.

Now, I could have attempted to take them out a walk and let them blow off steam. However, they both point blank refused to leave the house. I’ll also add that it is bloody stressful to pull a screaming 4 year old along the street whilst, trying to stop the 7 year old from playing tag with the lamp posts. For today, this was a battle I was NOT fighting.


After hearing a lot of shrieking, I go upstairs to find half a loo roll unravelled in the bath and the other half down the toilet. I really am going to lose my 💩 now.

Dinner Time

Finally, it is dinner time!

I place the pizza on the table and open the back door to let some cool air into the house.

Feeling that it is safe to do so, I choose to sit down briefly. However, I begin to realise that it’s much too quiet so, I go in to check. They are both outside and have found the water guns. The kitchen floor is soaking and Pup is drenched AGAIN.

Water guns are great in the summer but, not in the middle of Winter although, I suppose in Scotland, any season goes. You can find these on Amazon below. (Affiliate link)

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*

After pulling them in and really, really losing my sh*it, I plonk them at the table, still in soaking wet clothes, and make them eat their pizza. Every so often I hear them mumbling to each other “You’re a poo poo head”, “No you’re a poo poo head”. Could they get any more original?

There’s still about 2 hrs till bed time but it’s now 5pm and that means WINE TIME!!!!

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