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Ok! So you have found out you are going to be a parent but are struggling to choose that perfect baby name. Well, first of all, let me just say congratulations!  You are on the ride of your life. If you are looking for any tips, try here. Now, I know for some, choosing that correct baby name is so easy but, if you are anything like me, you will be scouring the internet for the top baby names in the universe. There are just too many to choose from therefore, I thought I might help you out. Here you will find my preferred, top selection of best baby names of 2021.

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What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
– William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Choosing a baby’s name might be one of the hardest and most thought out processes you will undertake as a parent. I know for me it was so difficult. You want the correct name and one that suits them, after all, what’s in a name? Remember this is their name for life. Well unless you name them after a piece of fruit and they later apply to change it themselves. Each to their own!

Your name represents you, as an individual. This is why it is so important to choose the right one. So, how did we choose Tink and the Pup?

Choosing Tink

Obviously I use my son’s nicknames in my blog, I mean, he really wasn’t christened Tink. On that note he is the only one that is actually christened out of the two of them. We never got around to Pup, but then again, in hindsight, the church would probably burn down the second he sets foot inside. He’s the spawn of Satan, at least he acts like it. 😂😈

All joking aside, when we chose Tink we thought we were prepared, we bought a book and everything. (Amazon Affiliate link below) We had a list of 5 top names however, once he was born he did not suit a single one. One thing we did know for certain was that his middle name would be James. This is totally sad I know, but I wanted a first name that would ring well with James. One that could be shortened, kind of like how Andrew James could become AJ. At the time I had CJ in my head. WTF was I thinking, honestly. Thank god we didn’t call him that.

In the UK you get 3 weeks to register a birth. With Tink we were well into the 3rd week before we had even picked his name. For just over 2 week’s he was known as Baby then, one evening we were sitting on the sofa, looking at him and it just clicked. My husband turned to me and said, “What about Tink?” It was perfect and suited him to a tee. We really did cut it close though. Would we make that same mistake again?

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Choosing Pup

Thankfully not!!! In fact, fate stepped in. Kind of! I was lying in the hospital bed after having been induced, bearing in mind that Pup had not been born yet, when it hit us. I don’t think we were even having a serious conversation about baby names. Hell, I think we were watching The Good Dinosaur. My husband, once again, turns to me and says, “What about Pup?” It felt right. Sometimes you just know. We held off till he was born but the second I looked at him I knew that this was his name. It was spontaneous, just like him.

So, on that note, here is my list of top favourite baby boy names for 2021 and no, none of my ridiculous first choice names made the list.

One Mum’s Best Baby Names of 2021 – Boys!

  1. Noah
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: A biblical name meaning “rest” or “peace”
  2. Liam
    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Derived from the Belgic term, “guild-helm”, meaning “harnessed with a gilded helmet”
    Other Information: Short name of William
  3. Jacob
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Biblical name meaning “supplanter” i.e. to wrongly take the place of another
    Other Information: Derives from the same source as the name James
    Variations:  Jakob, Jakub
  4. Jack
    Origin: English
    Meaning: “God is gracious”
    Other Information: Originally a nickname for John
    Variations: Jac
  5. Owen
    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: “The Yew Tree” or “Youth”
    Variations: Welsh spelling Owain, pronounced Oh-ween
  6. Leo
    Origin: Italian
    Meaning: “Lion”
  7. Charlie
    Origin: English
    Meaning: “Free man,” essentially Charlie means freedom
    Variation: Charly, Charli
  8. Theo
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “Divine gift” or “Gift from God”
    Other Information: Shortened for of Theodore and Theodorus
  9. Archie
    Origin: German/English
    Meaning: “Archer” or “Truly bold”
    Other Information: Comes from the German name Archibald or the English name Archer
  10. Henry
    Origin: German
    Meaning: “Ruler of the home”
    Other Information: In French it’s spelt Henri and in German, Henrik
  11. Michael
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Biblical name meaning “who is like God”
    Other Information: St Michael defeated Satan and was the patron saint of soldiers
    Variations: Mikael
  12. James
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: “Supplanter”
    Other Information: Comes from the same source as Jacob hence they both have the same meaning
  13. Samuel
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Biblical name meaning “his name is God”
    Variations: Samual, Sameul
  14. Joseph
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Biblical name meaning “God will increase”
    Variations: Joesph, Joeseph
  15. Anthony
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Unknown – Roman family name

And… Here come the girls…

One Mum’s Best Baby Names of 2021 – Girls!

  1. Olivia
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: “Olive Tree”
    Other Information: Comes from the word Olivam
  2. Amelia
    Origin: German
    Meaning: To “strive” or to “work”
    Variation: Amelie (French)
  3. Ava
    Origin: Hebrew/German
    Meaning: In Latin, avis means “bird”
    Variation: Eve, meaning to breathe
  4. Mia
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Scandinavian spelling of Maria, meaning “bitter”
  5. Ella
    Origin: English/Greek
    Meaning: Short for Helen, meaning “torch” or “light”
  6. Lily
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Comes from the flower of the same name, Lily, typically meaning “pure”.
    Variation: Lili
  7. Riley
    Origin: English
    Meaning: “Rye”, “Clearing” or “Meadow”
    Variations: Rilee, Rileigh
  8. Elena
    Origin: Italian/Spanish
    Meaning: “Torch”, “Light” or “Moon”
  9. Chloe
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “Blooming”
    Variations: Chloea, Chloee, Chloey
  10. Zoey
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “Life”
    Variations: Zoe, Zoie
  11. Addison
    Origin: English
    Meaning: Unisex name but with quite a masculine meaning: “son of Adam”
    Variations: Addisson, Addeson, Addyson, Adison, Adisson, Adysin
  12. Lucy
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: “Light”
    Variations: Luci, Lucie
  13. Grace
    Origin: Scottish/English/Irish/Latin
    Meaning: “Thanks” or “Effortless beauty”
  14. Aubrey
    Origin: French/German
    Meaning: “Ruler of elves”, quite supernatural in essence
  15. Aria
    Origin: Italian
    Meaning: “Melody” or “Song”

My Top Picks

There are so many popular names out there to choose from. This is just a small selection of my best baby names of 2021 but, I hope it gave you some ideas. It also gives you a little bit of an insight into the types of names that seem to be topping the baby name charts. For little girls, names ending in “a” seem to be the preferred go to. With boys there are quite a few biblical names still making the headlines. My top favourites include Aubrey, Archie, Charlie, Grace and Riley. Let me know what your favourites are in the comments below. 😀

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