The Pup is that one child of mine who always, and I mean ALWAYS, has to be beside you. Whether I am in the shower, on the toilet or sitting on the sofa, he has to be within touching distance. When we are in the car, the second it stops he will jump across into the passenger seat, just so that he can be next to you. If I am in the kitchen, holding a knife, he will still be wrapped around my ankles. I think you get the gist of it.

beside you

It’s Just A Phase?

Now a lot of people would say, “It’s just a phase” and at first I would have been inclined to agree with them. However, he is now almost 5 and there has been no change to his behaviour. With Pup this is not just a phase, or if it is, it is an almost 5 year one. He will always find a way to be permanently attached to someone, whether it is his Dad, grandparents or myself. He is just that wee boy who always needs physical contact.

At age 2, he was diagnosed with Valproate Syndrome, a disorder caused by medication I was on whilst pregnant with him. I have been on this medication my whole life and still take it today. In fact, I took the same prescription when pregnant with Tink, although he hasn’t shown any obvious symptoms. If you wish to read more on this feel free to click here.

Now, I don’t know if it is related to the Valproate Syndrome or whether it is sensory related but for now we just go with the flow. He is a happy, healthy, bundle of love.

Beside You

I want to be beside you, 24 hours a day.
When the sun rising and when it sets beyond the sea.

Can I be with you, as you have a cup of tea?
When you brush your teeth and when you go for a pee.

I sit here next to you, when you tell me off.
When I force out the tears and daddy says you’re too soft.

Mummy, I need to be beside you, when I get a cough.
When I’m covered in snot and really, feeling not so hot.

I want to be beside you, I think so quite a lot.
I’ll just climb up here, on top of you, and make you lose the plot.

Can we be with you, when we start to fight?
When we kick and punch, oh I didn’t mean to bite.

I sit here next to you as you beg Dad to stay,
He needs to go to work though, but don’t worry I’ll not go away.

Mummy, I need to be beside you, I think you’ll quite agree.
I’ll help you do you house work, but can you get the bits I don’t see.

I want to be beside you, as you lock the doors.
It’s bed time now, what shall I do? Can I sleep in yours?

Can I be with you? I’ve not done all my chores.
You haven’t finished all the songs, you only sang me four.

I sit here next to you; you’ve made me so depressed.
Why is Tink still downstairs, why do you look so stressed?

Mummy, I need to be beside you, but you don’t quite look your best.
Maybe it’s time you lay down here and have a big long rest.

Beside You

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