Keswick Oct 2020

I don’t know about you, but whenever I go on holiday I love to go to some sort of Animal Park or Aquarium. The Lake District has plenty on offer. This time we went to the Lake District Wildlife Park, outside Bassenthwaite. With over 100 species, an on-site café & gift shop and a large play area it was the perfect place to entertain the kiddies for a few hours. Being outdoors, it was the ideal activity for during the Covocalypse.

If you ever decide to go, make sure to wear appropriate footwear as it can be quite muddy in places. Although, saying that, trainers are adequate. We wore wellies/boots as we had anticipated that it would be similar terrain to Whinlatter Forest. However, the majority of the walkways are gravel paths.

What are your Favourites?

With so many animals on offer, there is plenty to see. Tink especially liked the Parrots, mainly because of the loud squawking they made. Both boys loved the Meerkats though and we spent afair bit of time watching them.

A wee Meerkat keeping watch

I made a bee line for the Otters; my favourite animal. They have always reminded me of Alfie, the King Charles Cavalier that my mum and dad owned. After a swim in the sea, he’d come out resembling an Otter, or a drowned rat. He fit in well with our family due to the fact that he was a fellow ginger. P.S. We rock!!!

Otters Chilling in the Sun

Other species to see are Lemurs, Snakes, Birds of Prey, Pigs, Wild Cats & many, many more.

Naturally, I sent some photos to my brother and sister, telling them I’d found their long lost twin in a highland cow and a large fuzzy pig.

We avoided the reptiles as the Hubby is terrified of Snakes, he can’t even watch them on the telly without squirming.


One good thing about this activity is that my little angels were extremely occupied with what they would see next. The trip itself was not as stressful as some others we have experienced. Usually we have to try and rein the boys in but here they were fairly well behaved, surprisingly enough. My main concern was how much they kept touching things. This gave me a massive case of the heebie-jeebies, especially as Covid is getting rife again. I pretty much give them a daily bath in anti-bac gel and they always have their face masks at hand.

Up beside the Zebras there was an old safari jeep. Other families were jumping all over it, taking pictures and what not. No anti-bac in sight. Naturally, my 2 were drawn towards it so I may have offended a few folk with my incessant ranting about social distancing and hand gel. Thankfully Tink and Pup didn’t put up a fight and we walked away without a scene.

He hasn’t quite mastered the Peace Gesture

Consolation Prizes

At the end of the tour, we avoided the Play Park as it was really busy. I mean, I know where my kids have been but I can’t say the same about anyone else’s. This virus takes no prisoners so until things settle down we will be staying clear.

As a consolation prize, we bought them an ice-cream each. This was mainly for my benefit as I wanted a Feast. One key tool in my parenting handbook is bribery. You can’t go wrong with a bit of well thought out bribery, especially if you get something out it too. In my case: chocolaty goodness. It doesn’t hurt either that they will always say yes to food.

Yep, this holiday isn’t exactly doing wonders for my ever expanding waist line. The Animal Park was a huge success though.

To be continued…

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