You know those moments where you have held your breath in anticipation, waiting on your child saying or commenting on something that you maybe don’t want them to. This is one of those, an inopportune moment.

We had just been for lunch and were walking back to the car to head up to my mums. Tink was 3 and Pup was only a baby.

Crossing the road, we fell into step behind this gentleman and his dog. I believe it was a British Bulldog. Maybe you can imagine what happens next…

Tink was walking between us and I happened to just glance at Hubby as he looked at me. You know those moments when you can basically read each other’s thoughts. We were both holding our breath and praying “please don’t say it, please don’t say it”. No such luck.

At the most inopportune moment Tink opened his mouth. As parents we need to be prepared for anything to come out of their mouths.

“Look mummy.  What are those? They are huge, why are they so big?”.

This dog did have the BIGGEST balls I had ever seen.

Hubby, the gentleman and I all burst out laughing. I still laugh about it to this day. I’m not a prude but this is one of those moments you would rather they wait and ask you about later. We did have the talk and a few more laughs afterwards, when we were back up at my mums. Kids really can be so entertaining.

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