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How Do You Switch off and Fall Asleep Naturally? – 7 Easy Ways to Help Promote Sleep

easy ways to help promote sleep

One thing all parents suffer from, at some point in their parenting journey, is lack of sleep. I’m sure you can all agree with me on that one. We parents really need some easy ways to help promote sleep. Even now, as my boys are getting older, I find that I still struggle to get a full nights sleep. I think I have busy brain syndrome.

Yes, I made that up. I cannot switch off! No matter what I do I cannot seem to fall asleep naturally. Then, when I do finally drift off, it is into some sort of ominous, spider dream land. Quite often I smack myself awake. WHY? Why do we always dream of spiders? How do you switch off, fall asleep and NOT dream of spiders? Well, there are a few options to consider that should give you that much needed, spider free rest you deserve.

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Why Do We Need to Sleep?

Human Beings need sleep. Just as we need to eat, drink and breathe, so do we need to sleep. But why? Well, sleep allows our bodies to rest and recharge in preparation for the day ahead. We perform better when we have been able to get a good nights sleep but, what do we do if we can’t get enough sleep? What do we do if we cannot even fall asleep in the first place? What do we do if our better half snores?

Take it from someone who finds herself threatening to smother her better half with a pillow, there’s not too much we personally can do about that. However, we CAN help ourselves. These are my 7 easy ways to help promote sleep.

1. Meditation

easy ways to help promote sleep

When I don’t sleep I am irritable, grumpy and, worst of all, I pig out. I crave sugar and comfort food. Lack of sleep definitely doesn’t bring out the best in me. O.k. I turn into a complete Bitch!

Presently, as I mentioned previously, my most common problem is not down to the fact that I have 2 kids but, more due to the fact that I cannot switch off and fall asleep naturally. I am at the point now where I will honestly try ANYTHING to get a full nights sleep and so, I started looking at Meditation, specifically, breathing techniques. When considering easy ways to help promote sleep, Meditation is 100% at the top of the list.

I spoke a little about this in One Mum’s Guide on How to Slow Down & Enjoy Life. Breathing exercises not only help to calm anxiety but, taking 10 deep breaths and focusing on relaxing your body will help to clear your mind. This is something I now do every night and find that it does help me to switch off and fall asleep.

If you find that you too can relate to this then check out these videos with some useful techniques.

Bedtime meditation video – NHS (

Relaxation techniques | NHS inform

2. Lavender Therapy

easy ways to help promote sleep

When thinking of easy ways to help promote sleep, we must consider the use of Lavender. With so many varying products to choose from it’s not difficult to find something that will work for you, whether it be a pillow spray or just straight up oil.

Lavender Oil has calming properties and can help encourage sleep. I swear by it and have used a Lavender pillow spray (Affiliate Link Below *) religiously over the past 2 years. It even helps to settle the boys when they are feeling a tad anxious, in particular Tink. Lord knows we’ve all had enough to feel anxious about over the past year. It’s no wonder that we struggle to sleep now and again and Lavender definitely helps me to switch off and fall asleep naturally.

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3. Technology

easy ways to help promote sleep

Next, lets talk screen time…

We all know that the use of phones, tablets and screens of any kind at bed time can hinder sleep. There have been numerous studies into this which have found a link between increased screen time and, the length of time it can take a person to fall asleep naturally.

There is an easy solution to this. As much as we all are over dependant on our techno gadgets, lets not use them in the hour before sleep. You asked for some easy ways to help promote sleep? Well this is my answer. Switch off and fall asleep! Yep, I majorly fail at this one too but that’s where will power comes in.

Those videos of cute, baby animals doing silly things can wait until morning. Oh, this is one thing I am so guilty off having joined the ranks of hamster lovers everywhere. Our own wee pest has starred in a few of his own, the first which was uploaded this morning.

Hamster Climbing.. Houdini Hamster – YouTube

We go on at our kids to go to sleep yet, here we are, lying in our beds, watching hamster vids till 1am. Double standards eh! I really need to take my own advice. I’ll be one step closer to finding that I can fall asleep naturally, if I just turn OFF my phone.

4. Warm Drinks

easy ways to help promote sleep

Anxiety is one of my main reasons for lack of sleep. I suffer from many ailments but right now, my anxiety is at the top of my worries. We have a lot going on right now and it is causing me quite a deal of stress. Don’t worry, I will fill you in on this in due course but, I can’t write about it just yet for fear that I may jinx it.

I find that one way to help me fall asleep naturally is to have a warm drink at bed time, something caffeine free. When I was younger I used to like a wee Horlicks, the chocolate one. Now, I tend to have a cup of tea, decaf of course. I have actually started buying decaf tea bags due to the amount of headaches I get and, found that it definitely helps to cut down. Another tip is to make sure you drink enough water.

5. Music

easy ways to help promote sleep

Most parents will agree with me, music helps soothe the wild beast where our children are concerned. Just play their favourite song of the hour and watch the happy flow. The same applies to adults. If you are here, looking for a way to switch off and fall asleep naturally, then consider some mood music.

I love just lying in bed, eyes closed, listening to my favourite artists. My tip: invest in a Spotify add-free account.

6. Lighting

easy ways to help promote sleep

Another, probably slightly more obvious way to help promote sleep, is to consider lighting. Both myself and the boys cannot fall asleep if it is too bright. Invest in some black out curtains/blinds. If you still need a little light then, use a night light. We actually leave the bathroom light on over night, more in case the boys need to get up to pee. The last thing you want is for them to be urinating blindly at midnight. I’ve been there! Cleaned up the mess! Thy don’t always rely on common sense and turn the light on. We also have some motion lights in the hall, affordable ones bought off Amazon.

These are great and give off a lot of light when activated. They also have the added benefit of being USB so are easy to charge. We just sit them in the hall though, I think they are designed for inside cupboards.

Please note: I get commissions for purchases you make through links in this post.*

7. Reading

easy ways to help promote sleep

Lastly, if you cannot switch off and fall asleep, try a good book and, instead of turning to your phone make sure to choose the real kind. Reading is a way of losing yourself. A way of stepping out of reality and into a world of imagination. Yes, Kindle is great but, nothing can compare to the smell of a book or the feel of turning those fresh pages. If nothing else works and I still can’t fall asleep naturally, I will pick up a book and read for a little bit. Eventually, I feel my eyes get tired and I will dose off.

To Conclude

In this world that we live in, we all need sleep. We need to recharge and rest in order to face whatever is in store for us. People are different. We all handle our day to day lives in varying manners but, no matter how we all act or feel, we all need sleep. By reading this post, I hope I have successfully given you some easy ways to help promote sleep and that you can now switch off and fall asleep naturally.

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