And so, we have reached the end of 2020. Thank F**k. I am not one to swear but I would like to say a very big F.U. to 2020. It honestly cannot get any worse, so here’s looking forward to 2021. May you bring hope, happiness and plenty of toilet roll.

What a Year!

2020! What a year you have been. Looking back we can agree that it has been quite the shit storm, ending in one all too memorable, “crappy” Christmas. It has been the year that the world went mad. The World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic.

All around the world, countries went into lockdown; people confined to their homes, only allowed out for necessities and exercise. Businesses shut down, people were furloughed and kid’s home-schooled. Through it all, those key workers carried on, working hard to keep our country afloat and alive. It was the year of the great toilet roll shortage; people panicked. Yes, because hit with a pandemic and what you really need is 10 packs of Andrex.

Anyway, enough of this! I think we all know what has rained down on us this year. I want to look at the highlights of 2020; the positive aspects of the year where the shit hit the fan.

Our life through 2020

Love Bug

2020 brought my family the greatest gift of all: Little Love Bug. She truly is a little miracle, born amidst this shit storm of a year. I am completely smitten with my niece. She is a little bundle of joy, bright as a button and already growing up way too fast. Although, saying that, she herself is a little shit machine. She alone would justify the 10 packs of Andrex. Almost!

Love Bug

Every day, since she was born, my sister has graced us with daily pictures of her gorgeous, little face. I mean of Bug of course, not herself. I am the selfie queen in this family; it’s only polite of course to return the favour with a lovely picture of myself. I wouldn’t want little Bug to forget what I look like. In all seriousness, those little pictures of my niece, and nephew, are what get me through each day, when I know I can’t see them in person.

People Brought Together

Despite the pandemic, people still managed to shine. People were brought together through little or, in some cases big, gestures. Everywhere you went windows were decorated with rainbows in support of our NHS. Every Thursday we would stand outside with our Neighbours and clap for carers. Captain Sir Tom Moore raised millions for the NHS. Parents realised how much they appreciate teachers. We all realised how much we appreciate the NHS and other key workers. I realised how much I appreciate my family, my husband and my life.

Spread the Rainbow Love

Another thing I have appreciated this year was the fact that we were lucky enough to get away. When the country ground to a halt and lockdown was initiated, we were 2 weeks shy of the school Easter holidays. We lost out on a trip we had booked then and also during the summer holidays.

However, despite this, we were able to rebook and thankfully, visit the Lake District for a weekend in September, just the 2 of us, and then a week in October with the boys. After month’s home-schooling, restricted to where we could go, what we could do, we needed this break.

Many people were not able to do so. We count ourselves incredibly lucky. With the madness of this year, we all need a break and I hope that for everyone out there, 2021 is the year that the world is put back together and the economy can thrive once again.


One other positive aspect of this year is how much love people have shown for one another. Love definitely makes the world go round, as cheesy as it sounds.

2020 was the year my cousin got married. Many other couples still got married. Despite everything, life didn’t stop. It wasn’t conventional but it proves that people are resilient.

We were able to watch live, online. Even though we couldn’t be there in person, we still made it special with photos and fizz. The boys got all dressed up in their suits, I wore a dress. After weeks in my mum clothes it was nice to get dressed up and feel like we had somewhere to go.


I don’t know about you but, as a mum, I tend to lose my identity somewhat. I feel like I am just known as a mum and housewife. I’ve learnt that every so often you need to re-embrace the woman you are, not just the mother side. I am a mum, yes, but I am also intelligent, ambitious, beautiful and head strong. If 2020 has taught me anything, it has taught me to re-embrace that side of me. Yes, I have my flaws too but our characteristics and flaws make us who we are. They are also the reason that we raise our children in the manner in which we do. My new motto should be, love your children; love yourself.

Now we can look forward to 2021 with a new positive outlook on life. We made it through this tough year. Yes, there has been a lot of loss and we all feel that deeply but, we should also all be extremely proud of ourselves and our accomplishments.

2021 is also the year my brother is to be married. I know none of us knows what 2021 will bring but I know, as a family, we are strong; we will support each other and get through it together.

Happy New Year and good health to you all!!!

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