20 quick tips for busy mums

In 20 Quick Tips for Busy Mums you will find a list of useful and slightly funny tops tips from one mum to another. If in doubt, spray it with Zoflora.

As a new Mum I didn’t have a clue. I was anxious, terrified and frankly, felt like I was losing my mind. Suddenly, there was this wee bundle that I was responsible for; that I loved unconditionally. It was unbelievably scary. I had support from the Hubby and my family. However, when we were alone, I was scared that I would not know what to do. After the birth, I also suffered from health issues. This meant that I was not as capable as I should have been, physically and mentally.

Parenting is a learning curve. I learnt with Tink and made many, many mistakes. When Pup was born I was more prepared and, in a way, felt like I had something to prove. Today, I am still learning. Every day is a new challenge. For all you other mums out there, you are doing great; just keep plodding on and hopefully these 20 quick tips for busy mums will help you.

My 20 Quick Tips for Busy Mums

  1. Caffeine is your friend.
  2. If in doubt spray it with ZOFLORA. This is particularly useful during the Covocalypse.
  3. Always put dirty nappies straight outside.
  4. Don’t EVER Hoover up sick, no matter how tired you are. Hoovers and spew are not compatible.
  5. Let them cry.
  6. Let them fight.
  7. Have a naughty step.
  8. Have a place to hide (for you).
  9. Always check the car for stray chicken nuggets.
  10. Do NOT eat said chicken nugget no matter how hungry you are.
  11. Baby wipes are good for EVERYTHING.
  12. No matter how lazy you might be feeling, always check they wash their hair and brush their teeth. I’m speaking from experience here, you don’t know what you might find in there one day.
  13. Invest in a good calendar.
  14. Use FREE school dinners if you have them.
  15. Speaking of school, find a water bottle that’s easy to clean.
  16. Have an easy, go to meal; mine is Spaghetti Bolognaise or Mince & Tatties.
  17. Kids Multi-vitamins are a good wee extra if you can’t get them their 5 (or is it 7) a day. Lidl do a good one.
  18. Have an outlet to vent to, unfortunately for my mum and sis I use our WhatsApp group.
  19. Try to find the funny side, and if you can’t there’s always wine.
  20. Always have a supply of wine.

This has just been a simple list of quick tips for busy mums but, if you are looking for more, please give Top Tips for New Mums a read.

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